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Join us in Auckland, New Zealand for a Rapid Learning Cycles Program Managers Workshop!

Dates:  February 28 - March 1, 2017

Time:  8:32 a.m. - approx. 4:45 p.m. both days.

Sign up this week to access our newest online class: Write Effective Knowledge Gap and Key Decision Reports (NZ$680 value). 

Everyone who participates in the Auckland workshop will get access to a four hour online video class focused on the reports that your teams will deliver at their Learning Cycle and Integration Events.  The Key Decision and Knowledge Gap reports capture your teams' knowledge in real time, so that they have that knowledge available to make good decisions, and so that future teams can leverage what they've learned.

It leverages our experience coaching teams to get the most value from these events:

  • Section-by-section breakdown of the elements required in these reports and why they are necessary to support good decisions.
  • Examples and best practices for how to incorporate additional information into one or two supplemental slides.
  • Five elements required to turn a Knowledge Gap Report into knowledge that other teams can leverage.
  • How to handle supporting data, test reports and other detailed information that won't fit into the report.
  • How to work with these reports inside a Learning Cycle or Integration Event.

This product will be offered as a premium bonus offer for other workshops in the Spring of 2017 and then as a stand-alone online class for US$495 (NZ$680). 

For more information, terms and conditions, please go to Rapid Learning Cycles Certified Professionals Workshops.

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Auckland, New Zealand - Feb 28 - March 1 w/Bonus

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