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Katherine Radeka
Executive Director

Katherine Radeka

Katherine Radeka has a rare combination of business acumen, scientific depth and ability to untangle the organizational knots to remove the barriers to change. Since 2005, Whittier Consulting Group, Inc. has helped some of the world's leading companies get their products to market faster.

She has a global reach with clients in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. She has worked with companies in pharma, biotech, medical device, high tech, consumer electronics, food and beverage, and consumer packaged goods, among others. She currently supports over 85 implementations of Rapid Learning Cycles through the Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Professionals Community.

Katherine is the author of two books. Her first book, The Mastery of Innovation: A Field Guide to Lean Product Development won the Shingo Research Award in 2014. This book contains 19 case studies of companies who have used lean product development to get their ideas to market faster.

Katherine's second book is The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster. This book summarizes Katherine's ground-breaking work to integrate Agile Development and Lean Product Development into the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, a proven method for accelerating innovation.

Katherine has climbed seven of the tallest peaks in the Cascade Mountains and spent ten days alone on the Pacific Crest Trail until an encounter with a bear convinced her that she needed a change in strategic direction.


Gene Radeka


Gene Radeka joined Whittier Consulting Group in the summer of 2009. He has contributed his background in education and communication to strengthen WCG’s training development programs and assisted Katherine with the research and editing for her books. Today, he actively engages with clients to help them get more value from trainings and workshops by helping the participants clarify their thinking and make their ideas sharper for the group.

Prior to joining WCG, Gene worked in a Special Education program that taught collaborative problem-solving skills to children with special needs. In that role, he worked one-on-one with students to give them better alternatives in stressful situations, and to help them learn self-management. 

Gene has a life-long passion for clear communication, good decision-making, and effective negotiation. He has a BS in Communication. He is a 4.5 tennis player who enjoys playing an all-court game, and often surprises people with how fast he can move to get to a ball.