Could the Rapid Learning Cycles framework help your product development team get its ideas to market faster?

The Elements of Rapid Learning Cycles will give you what you need to answer that question.

Learn why the Rapid Learning Cycles framework helps your teams find the shortest distance to a new product.

Get ideas for how to help your team build more knowledge and make better decisions immediately.

Understand why a pilot  focuses your company's first steps with the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework.

In four one-hour sessions,  you will:

In this excerpt from Session 4, Katherine explains the Minimum Viable Rapid Learning Cycles framework that she recommends.

Watch a sample from this class (5 min)

 Session One

Why do Rapid Learning Cycles get ideas to market faster almost every time?

This may seem like an incredible claim, but it's true because Rapid Learning Cycles attacks the root causes of the problems that slow down product development and enhance the things that accelerate it. This module shows why the Rapid Learning Cycles framework helps teams find the shortest path from an idea to a finished product and a satisfied customer. We'll define the key elements of the framework and share the underlying principles that drive consistent performance gains.

Session Two

Why do Rapid Learning Cycles 

improve decision-making?

Teams using the Rapid Learning Cycles framework make better decisions with greater confidence, and help their sponsors and stakeholders make better decisions, too. This module describes how Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps work together to get decision-makers the knowledge they need to make decisions that stick, and why the most important Knowledge Gaps may not be technical in nature.

 Session Three

How Do Rapid Learning Cycles Teams Manage the Risk, Uncertainty and Change that Is Inherent to R & D?

In this module, learn how the Learning Cycles plan, regular cadence of events and prioritization practices help teams deal with the uncertainty that is inherent in early product development. We'll show how the framework improves risk management, increases team agility and responsiveness to new information, and improves cross-functional engagement so that teams develop collaborative solutions to overcome their challenges.

Session Four

How Do Rapid Learning Cycles

 Teams Share Knowledge to Accelerate Development?

We'll close the class with a section on the role of knowledge-sharing in accelerating team development now—and for future teams. We'll describe the ways that the Rapid Learning Cycles framework embeds real-time knowledge capture, and a simple infrastructure to store the team's knowledge so that it is accessible to others. We'll close with a word about how to choose a pilot team for Rapid Learning Cycles, since this is the best way to experience the benefits for your company and build momentum for an R & D-wide transformation.

What Others Say About This Online Class

RLCI has shown how to pull together a combination of agile software management techniques within a phase gate development, with a process to follow, and made it easier to ask my organization to implement it. We have had two Kickoff events and the response has been very positive. The one thing I would change is having more people from my company attend.

Jason Anderson, Trimble Corporation

I had some doubts about sending all our Project Managers and whether they would learn how to use Rapid Learning Cycles better for their own projects. But I am sticking with the decision to send them all as it is another positive experience with Rapid Learning Cycles when they are applying it together with RLC enthusiasts from other companies and more attention to the thinking behind the framework. The best part of the class was the three baskets that help determine which elements of Rapid Learning Cycles drive success and therefore must be applied rigorously, and which ones can be left for the team to decide.

The class prepared us very well for explaining Rapid Learning Cycles to teams that will work with it and convincing stakeholders of the logic behind it.  The workshop will give you the tools and insights that you need to judge and positively influence the quality of the plans of the teams that you guide. With that the learning on how to successfully apply Rapid Learning Cycles in your company will be accelerated.

Wouter van Essen, Sonion

I was concerned that the R & D executives would not buy into this. But the simplicity and logic of the approach made this an easier sell. Almost everybody we sent to the training is involved in an RLC project or is about to be. I especially appreciated the ongoing support that has been available to my team after the workshop.

Vaas Conradie, Gallager

Your Instructor: Katherine Radeka

You'll have the opportunity to work directly with Katherine Radeka, the author of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster.

Katherine co-teaches this workshop with her partner, Gene Radeka who has been part of developing this framework from the beginning.

Katherine Radeka

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The Details

Payment, Cancellation and Substitution Terms

Pre-requisites and Restrictions

  • This workshop is open to senior product developers who have experience leading development teams
  • Product development consultants and other service providers may participate by personal invitation only.
  • If you or your developers primarily develop software, contact us prior to registering. There may be better options for you.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any registration at any time, by issuing a full refund of the registration fee.

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  • In the unlikely event that we need to cancel for any reason, we will offer participants the opportunity to join a different class or receive a refund.

The Program and Delivery

  • Four sessions of 45 min - 1 hour delivered via streaming video through the Rapid Learning Cycles learning portal, to begin no later than three business days after you sign up for the class.
  • Homework assignments to help you consider the ideas from each week's session.
  • One softcover copy of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product, 2nd Edition shipped to you free upon registration. If you already have a copy of the book, you may pass the extra book onto someone else.
  • Access to Katherine via the learning portal for questions related to course content and next steps.
  • Online and phone support for technical challenges.
  • Access to support from Katherine, the videos and other class resources for 90 days after registration.

The Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the program after viewing Session 1, you may notify us by email for a full refund issued as a credit against the credit card you used to purchase your registration, less a $25 processing fee.

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