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Full-Scale Adoption

Integrate the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework into your Product Development Process

When you are fully committed to the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, it's time to address bigger implementation challenges such as governance, metrics and KPIs, updated process standards, infrastructure support for Knowledge Capitalization across programs and 

You don't have to reinvent the wheel.  We have dozens of experiences we can leverage to help you cut through the challenges of moving from pilot programs into a full-scale implementation, and the exciting challenges that arise when every program in your organization is learning as rapidly as possible.  Here are the types of issues we've helped clients overcome:

  • Restructure governance and organization-level decision-making authority to keep program teams focused on learning - and building the knowledge key stakeholders need to make good decisions within the program and across programs.

  • Establish appropriate standards for metrics and KPI tracking, reporting, knowledge capture and deliverables that leverage the advantages of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

  • Rewrite product development process documentation to incorporate the Rapid Learning Cycles framework to support auditors, key customers, regulatory authorities and certification bodies as they evaluate teams who use the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

  • Develop a strategy for building the IT infrastructure that teams need to capture knowledge, manage their programs, share deliverables and communicate inside and outside the team, especially when teams must work across geographies.

Each one of these engagements is customized to meet your teams' specific needs for knowledge transfer, implementation support, additional training and coaching for Implementation Team members.

How to Begin

Contact us to set up a phone call to get our ideas on how you can move from a pilot program to a full-scale Rapid Learning Cycles framework implementation.