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Initial Consultation

Get your Innovation and Product Development Teams Off to the Best Possible Start

An Initial Consultation will give you an independent expert analysis of your organization's current needs and driving forces behind your work to improve product development performance. 

You will receive specific recommendations about the alternatives that are most likely to deliver the performance improvements that you need.

We don't assume that the Rapid Learning Cycles framework is the most important thing you can do.  Teams may have challenges that need to be addressed before they are ready to make this transition, or you may be working in one of those places where the framework needs heavy adaptation.

An initial Consultation can help you understand which product development path is right for you:

  • If the Rapid Learning Cycles framework will work for you, Katherine's observations and recommendations will help you develop an implementation strategy and set realistic goals.  

  • If it needs adaptation, she'll give guidance on the modifications you'll need to make for a smooth integration.

  • If the conditions are not yet right for success with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, Katherine will explain the actions that will clear away the barriers so that your teams will be ready to become more agile, knowledge-driven and responsive.

  • If you have low-hanging fruit to pick before diving into a full-scale Rapid Learning Cycles framework implementation, she will make recommendations about where to focus your initial efforts.

  • If your product development team has difficult relationships with their stakeholders and business partners, Katherine will provide guidance on how to rebuild confidence, improve communications and address unmet expectations.

Katherine Radeka is the only innovation process consultant who has the experience and flexibility to help you tailor your product development process to meet your needs.

Unlike many other consultants who expect you to conform to their rigid models, she helps you make innovation and product development work for you.

The Initial Consultation Includes:

  • Pre-visit assistance with identifying interviewees, arranging Non-Disclosure Agreements, scheduling and communication to the interview participants.

  • Phone interviews with people who work at other locations, or who are not available for the assessment visit.

  • One to three day site visit, including:
    • Kick-off session to explain lean product development and the assessment process to the members of your team.
    • A series of confidential 1:1 or group interviews with members of your development staff, following a structured interviewing process.
    • Summary of findings and recommendations presented informally to your product development leadership team.
    • Final meeting with the Initial Consultation sponsor to give direct, candid observations and guidance for how to move forward.

  • Final Recommendations Report in the form of a Knowledge Brief (a two page summary of the key recommendations).

How to Begin

Contact us to set up a phone call to see if an Initial Consultation is the best way for you to get started with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.