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Pilot Team Support

Get Help with a Pilot Program to Demonstrate the Benefits of the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework

The best way to evaluate the Rapid Learning Cycles framework is to charter a pilot team to run Rapid Learning Cycles as they work to deliver a new product to market.

The best pilot project is visible, important and well-sponsored to deliver a product that is strategically important to your business. When the Rapid Learning Cycles framework helps this team get a better outcome than similar teams have delivered in the past, it creates momentum to pull Rapid Learning Cycles through the rest of your organization.

At the same time, they'll learn how to navigate the organizational barriers that would impede Rapid Learning Cycles for every program. The things you learn from this experience will help you integrate the Rapid Learning Cycles framework into your product development organization more seamlessly.

For most pilot programs, the Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification class prepares the team's leader to lead.  The support we provide to class participants and online through the Professionals Community is sufficient to troubleshoot issues and help them solidify their team's implementation of the framework.

But if you want to use the Rapid Learning Cycles framework for the first time on one of these programs, please consider getting a little more help from us.  These types of programs have more complexity, and in our experience, team leaders need more hands-on support from us to succeed the first time - and if they fail, you may not have a second chance.

  • The core program team is larger than about fifteen people, or has a complex structure with more than one layer of team leadership.

  • You are working in an area, such as pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, medical devices or vehicle development, that are highly regulated, dependent upon government contracts or have longer than usual timelines for product development.

  • The team is developing a program to develop a strategic breakthrough. With these programs, the Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps are harder for the team to identify the first time, and they experience much more change than a typical program. You can leverage our experience to ensure that the team establishes a good plan.

  • You need to incorporate customers and/or suppliers into your program teams for co-development. This is an adaptation of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework that needs to be tailored to fit the relationships you have with these external partners. 

  • You wish to use Rapid Learning Cycles in Advanced Development, early-phase Innovation or in some other context where the assumptions of early-mid product development don't apply.

Our clients have had a lot of success with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework in each of these special situations, but they exceed the scope of what we can cover in a public workshop for a general audience, or what we can support remotely.


Pilot Team Facilitation Support includes:

  • Pre-visit assistance with identifying and communicating with Kickoff Event participants, and with making core decisions about the team's infrastructure to support Rapid Learning Cycles.

  • Kickoff Event facilitation, including Rapid Learning Cycles Practitioner training for Kickoff Event participants.

  • Support for the team leader in preparing the deliverables from the Kickoff Event.

  • Co-facilitate and support the team leader for the team's first two events, usually one Learning Cycle Event and one Integration Event.

  • Support for the team leader and the core team via phone, including reviewing Knowledge Gap and Key Decision reports for opportunities to improve them.

  • Discounted registration for the Program Leader in an upcoming Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification workshop.

How to Begin

Contact us to set up a phone call to see if your pilot team would benefit from direct support for their first experience with Rapid Learning Cycles.