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Private Workshops and Trainings

Bring the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework to your Entire Product Development Organization

On-site Rapid Learning Cycles practitioner training grounds your product developers in the experience of running a team with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.  This one day training walks the team through the process of establishing the Rapid Learning Cycles framework for a product development program.  Here are the benefits:

  • Teams get trained in the Rapid Learning Cycles framework directly from the experts - the people who have seen the most programs, have real-world examples to address most of the questions that will arise in class, and can steer the team towards a good outcome.

  • Teams receive a consistent training experience so that when their own program teams transition to the Rapid Learning Cycles framework they have a common understanding of the key vocabulary, tools and mechanics of the processes they need to master.

  • Participants leave this workshop ready to develop Learning Cycle plans for their programs with Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps, and to maximize the value of their Learning Cycles to accelerate their team's progress and build extensible knowledge for future programs.

You may either use a current product development program as the class experience, or we can deliver a case study. The best choice depends upon the audience and the availability of a suitable program.

This option is best for product development organizations with fewer than 100 people to train.

If your organization is larger than that, then we will help you develop your own internal trainers and facilitators with Train-the Trainer support, corporate licenses.  We also help organizations navigate the change management issues associated with full-scale Rapid Learning Cycles framework integration into your organization's Product Development process.

On-Site Training Includes:

  • Pre-visit assistance with identifying and communicating with participants, identifying suitable spaces.

  • Customizations, if needed, to explain how your company integrates Rapid Learning Cycles into your Product Development Process.

  • On-site training for up to 48 participants per session.

  • Phone and email support for all participants for 90 days after the workshop.

  • Discounts for key members of the implementation team to attend public Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification workshops to ensure that they will be fully prepared to lead the teams that will begin using the Rapid Learning Cycles framework right away.

How to Begin

Contact us to set up a phone call to discuss your options for on-site training in the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.