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RLC Certification Workshops

How do you turn a good idea and a pile of unanswered questions into a great product?    

Your research has convinced you that the Rapid Learning Cycles framework can help your product development team get their next product to market faster, and you don't want to waste your time trying to guess about the framework's details when you have a big pile of unanswered questions.

The Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification Workshop will prepare you to lead your first team through the Kickoff Event to establish their Learning Cycles Plan, facilitate their first learning cycles and lead their first Learning Cycle and Integration Events.

We built this Rapid Learning Cycles workshop to give you the skills and tools you need for immediate success. 

    • Why the Learning Cycle is the Heartbeat of an Effective Product Development Team. Teams have so much uncertainty to manage in early development that they get out of sync with each other and with their leaders too easily.  A regular "heartbeat'" of learning cycles give your team a rhythm that coordinates its work, the way that a regular tempo keeps a jazz band in sync as band members improvise.

    • Why You Don't Want to Try to Close Every Knowledge Gap You Have, Even If You Have Time. We teach you how to prioritize a big pile of Knowledge Gaps so that you maximize the value of the time you have to learn and recognize when you're ready to decide. Teams can always learn more about their customers, markets or technologies but they need to know when it's time to make decisions so that the program can move ahead.

    • How the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework Captures Your Most Valuable Knowledge in Real Time. Most product development teams capture their "lessons learned" at the end of a program—if ever—and their most valuable knowledge is trapped in product documentation or in engineers' brains. In the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, learning cycles are not done until the knowledge has been captured—and we give you templates and best practices so that capturing this knowledge is a natural part of the process.

    • Why Learning Cycle and Integration Event Dates Don't Move - And What the Consequences Will Be If You Try. Many product development organizations conduct management reviews only when the team is ready, but this slows down product development. We'll show you how to help your team understand why the Learning Cycle and Integration Events don't move and how to manage the temptations to delay these events. 

    • How to Find the High Impact / High Unknown Decisions that Drive Late Design Changes. Most product development programs pass through their first gates on time, only to get further and further behind in later gates as the team gets entangled in loopbacks and late design changes. Your teams will be able to identify the big decisions that trigger major loopbacks when they don't work out, and figure out how to learn what you need to learn to make these decisions with confidence.


What You Will Learn

    • How to Introduce the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework to Your Team and Your Program Sponsors For the First Time
    • Why Every Rapid Learning Cycles Program Begins with a Kickoff Event and How to Make the Most of the Team's Time Together
    • Why Your Project Needs a Core Hypothesis—in Your Team's Own Words
    • Why Key Decisions Cause Late Design Changes, How to Recognize Them and How to Find the Last Responsible Moment When These Decisions Should Be Made
    • How to Decide Which Knowledge Gaps to Close First and Which Ones Should Not Be Closed At All
    • How to Establish the Right Cadences for Your Program Even When Team Members Have Multiple Program Assignments
    • Seven Steps to Build Your Learning Cycles Plan
    • How to Decide Which Knowledge Gaps to Close First and Which Ones Should Not Be Closed At All
    • What to Do When the Unexpected Happens in a Learning Cycle
    • Five Reasons Why the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework Falls Apart and How to Prevent Them
    • Ten Signs of Trouble on a Rapid Learning Cycles Program and How to Get Your Team Back On Track


Benefits Exclusive to Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Program Managers:

  • Recognition as an innovation leader who knows how to use state-of-the-art product development methods.
  • A limited license to reuse the Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager's Kit to benefit teams within their own company so that you don't have to attempt to recreate the slides yourself.
  • Regular updates to the materials so that they reflect our best thinking about how to help teams succeed with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework so that you just keep getting better and better.
  • Membership in the Rapid Learning Cycles Online Community for networking, benchmarking and support to connect with others who face the same challenges that you do.
  • Direct access to Katherine for support in implementing the Rapid Learning Cycles framework so that you'll never be stuck trying to come up with a solution for your implementation challenges when Katherine already has one.

Agenda Outline

The format will be a blend of lecture, discussion, simulation and hands-on activities. Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to move around a bit.

Day One

  • The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework: What and Why
  • The Rapid Learning Cycles Kickoff Event
  • The Core Hypothesis that Captures Your Vision
  • The Right Key Decisions to Build Your Best Product
  • A Complete Set of Well-Defined Knowledge Gaps
  • How to Prioritize Knowledge Gaps to Maximize the Team's Learning

Day Two

  • Cadence and Flow in Rapid Learning Cycles Programs to Establish Your Regular Heartbeat
  • How to Build the Learning Cycle Plan in Seven Steps
  • Learning Cycles that Build Extensible Knowledge
  • Knowledge Capture at the End of a Learning Cycle to Avoid Knowledge Loss and Accelerate Learning
  • How to Run Learning Cycle and Integration Events to Maximize the Value of the Team's Time Together
  • Troubleshooting Rapid Learning Cycles Programs to Get Back On Track Fast if Something Goes Wrong

We Are Invested in Your Success! 

We offer ongoing support to our Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Professionals by phone, email and through an online forum to make sure that you never slow down because you don't know what to do. 


Why Our Most Successful Customers Now Require This Experience for Their Program Managers Instead of Agile or PMI Certifications

We have over six years of experience with helping teams like yours succeed with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, even when the team starts out lacking the scientific, technical, customer or market knowledge they need to build their product.

Other Product Development Process workshops like Scrum or Agile teach techniques that were designed for software, while Project Management classes teach methods that are better suited for building highways. Neither of these groups understand the value of building and capturing knowledge, or the importance of pulling learning forward to push decisions later.

We teach you the framework that hundreds of development teams use today to get their products to market faster in the most demanding areas of product development.

Sign Up By June 15 to Beat the Price Increase!

On June 15, the prices on this page will go up by $200.  Register now to get Spring prices for the Fall workshops.

Team Discount

We encourage you to bring at least two people with you to this workshop.  

Groups of 2 - 3 registering for the same registration level at the same time receive $150 off your registration fee for each registration.

Groups of 4 - 6 registering for the same registration level at the same time receive $300 off your registration for each registration.

Groups larger than 6 will need to be split across more than one workshop. Please contact us for personal assistance with your registration to ensure that you receive the full discount and other team benefits for your entire group.

Premium Bonus 

Design-Experiment-Capture: How to Close Knowledge Gaps for Better Decisions and  More Extensible Knowledge ($495 value)

For only $200 more per person, you can receive early access to our latest online class to help your teams design and run experiments to close Knowledge Gaps permanently.

  • Why Design-Experiment-Capture learning cycles close Knowledge Gaps permanently.
  • How to develop a good hypothesis and design the learning activities to test it.
  • How to use Rapid Prototyping tools, modeling and similar methods effectively to maximize knowledge creation, rather than just spinning Build-Test-Fix cycles faster.
  • Specific guidance for how to close technical, customer and business Knowledge Gaps.
  • Tips to increase the value of this work by building in reusability and extensibility.
  • How to recognize when a Knowledge Gap is closed — and when a Knowledge Gap should not be closed any further.
Teams of four or more who choose the Premium Bonus receive a site license for this online class so that you may share it with your teams.


Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager
Certification Workshop Registration Levels
Two Day Workshop ✔︎  ✔︎ 
Kickoff Event Slides with License to Reuse  ✔︎  ✔︎
Event Planners, Templates and Examples  ✔︎  ✔︎
Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Professionals Community  ✔︎  ✔︎
Update Calls and Professional Posts  ✔︎  ✔︎
Premium Registration Bonus ($495 value):    
Design-Experiment-Capture: How to Close Knowledge Gaps for Better Decisions and More Extensible Knowledge    ✔︎
Site license for teams of four or more so that you can share this resource with team members.    ✔︎
Registration Fees    
Registration Fee for Single Person: $ 1795.00 $ 1995.00
Registration Fee for Groups of 2 - 3 People: $ 1645.00 $ 1845.00
Registration Fee for Groups of 4 - 6 People:
$ 1495.00 $ 1695.00



Pre-requisites and Restrictions

      • This workshop is open to senior product developers who have experience leading development teams.
      • About four weeks before the workshop, each participant will receive a copy of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market FasterYou must read the book prior to Day One of the workshop, so that we can dive into the deep end of the material immediately.
      • Product development consultants and other service providers may participate by personal invitation only.
      • Class sizes are limited to 24 participants, and group size is limited to six per company. If you have a group of more than six people that you would like to sign up for a workshop, please please send us an email.
      • Participants will need to sign the Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Program Manager License Agreement. This agreement is sent out for review prior to the workshop and signed during the workshop. It is an individual agreement between Rapid Learning Cycles Institute, Inc. and the individual who attends the workshop.
      • Participants will need to pass a one hour exam, and sign Whittier Consulting Group's Certified™ Program Manager Agreement prior to receiving access to the Program Managers Packet. 
      • Successful completion of the certification requirements grants permission to use the materials to lead Rapid Learning Cycles events. It does not grant permission for the participants to modify the materials, conduct Rapid Learning Cycle Workshops to train additional program managers, or serve as a paid facilitator or program manager for external clients.  Such use requires additional certification steps and express permission from us.
      • If you or your developers primarily develop software, contact us prior to registering. There may be better options for you.

Payment, Cancellation and Substitution Terms:

      • All registrations must be paid at the time that you register.
      • We reserve the right to cancel any participant's registration for any reason. If we exercise this option, we will give you a refund of 100% of your registration fee.
      • You may send a qualified substitute in your place, as long as you let us know at least 24 hours in advance of Day One and the substitute will be able to complete the pre-reading assignment.
      • If you cancel at least thirty days prior to the start of the workshop, we will give you the option to receive a refund 100% of your registration fee less a $200 credit or a credit for a future workshop.
      • In the unlikely event that we need to cancel for any reason, we will offer participants the opportunity to join a different class or receive a refund.