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Rapid Learning Cycles Certification Workshops

2016 RLC Program Manager Certification Workshops

Join us for this two day intense training for people who are serious about the Rapid Learning Cycles framework. If you are ready to dive in, this workshop will give you the skills and confidence you need to stand in front of a team and guide them through their first experience with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework. If you are considering Rapid Learning Cycles, this will equip you with the information, real-world examples and experience to build the case for your company's first Rapid Learning Cycles driven program.

Attendance is strictly limited to 24 Program Managers per workshop, with no more than six from any one company.  

Why You Need This Experience

  • Hands-on with Katherine Radeka and a community of learners. Do you have questions the book doesn't answer? Want to go deeper? This is the place. You will learn by seeing, listening, doing and interacting with your peers.
  • The latest, best thinking about the Rapid Learning Cycles framework. This is an all-new workshop with Katherine's latest observations and insights about Rapid Learning Cycles. If you have attended a workshop that she's presented at a conference, then this workshop will deepen your knowledge and bring you up-to-date on the latest advances.
  • Empowerment to get started with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework. If you've been thinking about Rapid Learning Cycles but haven't been able to get traction, this workshop will give you the skills and confidence to move forward.

Who Should Attend?

  • Product development leaders who want their organization to develop winning products that get to market faster.
  • Program Managers who want to give their development teams every opportunity to deliver the right product at the right time.
  • Product development process owners who want to increase PD effectiveness, especially in the front end of innovation.

Benefits Exclusive to Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Program Managers:

  • Recognition as an innovation leader.
  • A limited license to reuse the Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager's Kit to benefit teams within their own company.
  • Regular updates to the materials so that they reflect our best thinking about how to help teams succeed with Rapid Learning Cycles.
  • Membership in the Rapid Learning Cycles Online Community for networking, benchmarking and support.
  • Direct access to Katherine for support in implementing the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.
  • Invitations to special regional and global events exclusively for Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Program Managers, Facilitators, Coaches and Partners.

Upcoming Locations: Seattle, Chicago, Amsterdam, Silicon Valley, Wellington, NZ

Don't see a location that works for you?  Fill out the Future Workshops Survey for Spring of 2017. Everyone who completes this survey will receive access to early registration, before we announce the workshops to the public.


More Details


The format will be a blend of lecture, discussion, simulation and hands-on activities. Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to move around a bit.

The core of the class is an in-depth case study that models a Kickoff Event for a moderately sized product development program. At each step, we will explain the procedure, practice it with the case study, and then debrief it to describe common scenarios that arise at this step.

Successful completion of this course's certification requirements authorizes the participants to personally lead Rapid Learning Cycles programs within their own companies.  After completing the certification requirements, participants will receive Kick Off Event Facilitation Packages, with a limited license to reproduce and distribute them.

Participants also receive a direct line to Katherine Radeka for assistance as they lead their first teams, and access to a growing community of Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Program Managers and Facilitators.  Katherine will share new tools, improved methods and her latest experiences with this group first.

Day One

  • The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework: What and Why
  • How to Talk About The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework with R & D and Lean Organizations
  • The Rapid Learning Cycles Kickoff Event
  • The Core Hypothesis
  • The Right Key Decisions
  • A Complete Set of Knowledge Gaps

Day Two

  • Prioritization Methods for Organizing Knowledge Gaps
  • Cadence and Flow in Rapid Learning Cycles Programs
  • Multi Level Visual Planning for Rapid Learning Cycles
  • Status Events Facilitation
  • Learning Cycle and Integration Events Facilitation
  • Knowledge Capitalization:  Inside the Learning Cycle

Group Discount

We encourage you to bring at least two people with you to this workshop.  Teams of two to four people registering from the same company at the same time receive a team discount.


Give us your location preferences for early access registration for the 2016/2017 workshop series.

Pre-requisites and Restrictions

      • This workshop is open to senior product developers who have experience leading development teams.
      • About four weeks before the workshop, each participant will receive a copy of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market FasterYou must read the book prior to Day One of the workshop, so that we can dive into the deep end of the material immediately.
      • Product development consultants and other service providers may participate by personal invitation only.
      • Class sizes are limited to 24 participants, and group size is limited to four per company. If you have a group of more than four people that you would like to sign up for a workshop, please please send us an email.
      • Participants will need to sign the Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Program Manager License Agreement. This agreement is sent out for review prior to the workshop and signed during the workshop. It is an individual agreement between Rapid Learning Cycles Institute, Inc. and the individual who attends the workshop.
      • Participants will need to pass a one hour exam, and sign Whittier Consulting Group's Certified™ Program Manager Agreement prior to receiving access to the Program Managers Packet. 
      • Successful completion of the certification requirements grants permission to use the materials to lead Rapid Learning Cycles events. It does not grant permission for the participants to modify the materials, conduct Rapid Learning Cycle Workshops to train additional program managers, or serve as a paid facilitator or program manager for external clients.  Such use requires additional certification steps and express permission from us.
      • If you or your developers primarily develop software, contact us prior to registering. There may be better options for you.

Payment, Cancellation and Substitution Terms:

      • All registrations must be paid at the time that you register.
      • We reserve the right to cancel any participant's registration for any reason. If we exercise this option, we will give you a refund of 100% of your registration fee.
      • You may send a qualified substitute in your place, as long as you let us know at least 24 hours in advance of Day One and the substitute will be able to complete the pre-reading assignment.
      • If you cancel up to ten business days before the event, we will refund 50% of your registration fee.
      • If you cancel within ten business days, we will not process a refund.
      • In the unlikely event that we need to cancel for any reason, we will offer participants the opportunity to join a different class or receive a refund.


We hope to see you in an upcoming workshop!