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Rapid Learning Cycles Certification

20160301-img-5356.jpgIn 2015, we launched the Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Professionals program.

We launched this program because we wanted to extend the benefits of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework to product development organizations that wanted to adopt the framework but did not desire, or did not need intensive consulting work directly with us.

At the same time, reading The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product is probably not enough - to teach everything someone would need to know, we would have had to write a 5,000 page manual!

We had learned that product development teams did best with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework when they had access to us, even a little. The ability to get clarification on the framework's details, troubleshoot challenges as they arose, and plan how to influence leadership could mean the difference between success and failure for a pilot team, although we could help them get over the obstacles quickly. They just needed a mechanism that would help them gain access to our support.

Some of the teams were small enough that they could quickly become independent, and others had Product Development Processes that were already well-suited for the Rapid Learning Cycles framework. Still others wanted the opportunity to try out the framework in a workshop setting first, and then take it back to their teams.


Benefits of Certification

  • —Explicit permission to re-use branded materials that are continuously updated with new insights
  • —Advanced Content aimed specifically at the community of Certified Professionals
  • —Access to us via phone / email
  • —Membership in a growing online community of Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Professionals
  • —Invitations to exclusive regional and worldwide events


Certification Levels

We have defined four certification levels - two for program managers and other product developers, and two for external consultants who want to partner with us to bring Rapid Learning Cycles to their clients.

The Certification Levels provide increasing levels of access to the same materials we have developed for use with our own clients that has led to over 50 implementations of Rapid Learning Cycles in the last two years.

Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Program Managers

  • Able to lead a moderately-sized team through their first experience with Rapid Learning Cycles.
  • Access to a library of reusable materials.
  • Work with us to develop customizations.

Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Facilitators

  • Able to support and coach Program Managers from multiple teams as their companies adopt Rapid Learning Cycles 
  • Access to a library of reusable materials with license to modify.
  • Requires experience leading at least one Rapid Learning Cycles program.

Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Coaches and Consultants

  • Able to support organizations who are adopting Rapid Learning Cycles.
  • Provide additional external consulting resources for companies seeking assistance.
  • Access to a library of branded reusable materials.
  • Partners may certify others as Program Managers and Facilitators.


Certification Requirements

We have modeled our Certification Process after other well-known certifications in Project Management and Agile Software Development.  

The specific competency requirements vary by level. Every Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Professional

  1. Demonstrates understanding of the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework.

  2. Demonstrates skilled, respectful communication with his or her peers and the groups that he or she is working with.

  3. Demonstrates the ability to recognize and correct known issues that inexperienced teams often encounter:
    • Distinguish between Key Decisions, Knowledge Gaps, Activities and Deliverables.
    • Prioritize Key Decisions and avoid overload.
    • Run effective Status Events (standup meetings).
    • Support team members with effective Knowledge Capture and Sharing.

  4. Can help teams choose the most appropriate methods for prioritizing, tracking and planning their Key Decisions, Knowledge Gaps and Activities from among a set of options scaled to teams of moderate size and complexity.


Certification Process

To gain access to these benefits, register for a Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification Workshop today!