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The Rapid Learning Cycles framework will help you find the shortest distance between you and a new product that your customers can buy.

When you can get that product into customers' hands faster, you see your vision brought to life sooner.  You can beat any competition to market with your best ideas. You can shorten the time it takes before your company begins to earn money from your ideas. You can reduce development costs, making it easier for investors, executive teams and program sponsors to buy into your ideas. If your idea is meant to fail, it will fail faster, freeing you up to go on to your next idea

You can empower your teams to learn faster and keep their options open as long as possible with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.  When they have a framework that supports rapid learning, they can develop products that win in the market by delivering maximum customer and business value.

There is no "cookbook" method or standard process to go from idea to product launch that works, in established R & D or entrepreneurship. Over the years, a lot of people have tried to create one, with varying degrees of success. All of them work well in some situations, but not so well in others. Every innovation needs to overcome specific challenges, but the challenges are never the same.

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework builds on the best ideas from Agile Development and Lean Startup to provide a framework to help you overcome your specific obstacles.  

  • Instead of creating detailed plans that get instantly out of date, teams work in short cycles of learning that help them thrive in extreme uncertainty. 
  • Instead of locking down decisions and then being forced to live with them, teams pull learning forward and push decisions later to maintain flexibility and remove obstacles before they appear. 
  • Instead of wasting time and money on product builds that don't work, teams leverage modeling, rapid prototyping and other experimental methods to accelerate the learning they need to make good decisions that stick.

For the past ten years, Radeka has worked with leading innovation teams in consumer products, office furniture, biotechnology, pharma, electronics and medical devices to hone this framework into a proven method for getting your new products to market faster.

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The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product

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