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Adopt the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework Across a Large Organization

We can easily build critical mass for Rapid Learning Cycles for organizations with up to 100 product developers.  If your organization is larger than that, especially if your product development teams are in multiple locations or split across multiple business units, you will probably want to develop your own internal trainers and facilitators.

  • Training that is consistent with your internal messages and customized to address your specific needs.

  • Delivered by trainers that have the full weight of your organization behind them - and our full support as expert users of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

  • The ability to scale Rapid Learning Cycles across geographies and business units as groups are ready to migrate to this new framework.

Your team of trainers will be fully-prepared to facilitate and lead your organization's most complex product development programs, and to build support for Rapid Learning Cycles across the organization.

Train-the-Trainer Engagements Include:

  • Assistance with identifying candidates to develop into trainers and facilitators
  • Discounts for key members of the implementation team to attend public Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager and Facilitator Certification workshops to connect them with the broader community of Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Professionals for continuing development.

  • Targeted customizations to smoothly integrate the Rapid Learning Cycles framework with the rest of your teams' Product Development Process and other standards.

  • Corporate-wide licenses for copyrighted training materials.

  • Minimum of two on-site trainings for up to 24 participants per session co-taught by our staff and your internal trainers to build critical mass for the implementation and ensure that the trainers are fully prepared to lead trainings and facilitate events.

  • Phone and email support for all trainers for at least a year after our final visit to your site.

How to Begin

Contact us to set up a phone call to discuss your options for building a team of trainers who are fully qualified in the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.