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How Rapid Learning Cycles Deliver Faster Innovation with Less Frustration


You are all about science-driven innovation and product development — that gets out into the world faster so that your customers reap the rewards sooner.

Whether you are a team member, project leader or senior leader, we have a proven framework to accelerate innovation that works with your existing processes — to the extent that you need processes. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, many have adopted Rapid Learning Cycles to deliver the innovation they need most at the right times.

Our sweet spot is science-driven innovation that rests upon a foundation of research & development into customer insights, ground-breaking technologies and novel business models. We know how to transform your discoveries into physical products as rapidly as possible, with fewer delays, cost overruns and disappointments.

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Rapid Learning Cycles Accelerate Innovation

You see your teams getting mired in obstacles from unexpected problems and unable to hit their dates.

You are being told you need to be more "Agile” but have questions about what that means in a technology-driven environment for physical products with long lead times and complex dependency chains.

You don't have time to release a disappointing product into the market, and then iterate until it works. Your customers expect your products to deliver immediate value — and business leaders expect on-time delivery and predictable success.

Rapid Learning Cycles works by eliminating the root causes of product delays, cost overruns and disappointing results.Teams identify and focus on the major decisions that will drive a product's success to build the knowledge they need to make better decisions that stick. That sets them up for a smooth glide path through execution to launch with fewer rework loops, unanticipated obstacles and much less churn.

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You Don't Have to Change Everything — and You Shouldn't

If you are going to make a change to how you deliver innovation, it needs to pay off. It needs to build on what you already do, with minimum disruption.  The Rapid Learning Cycles framework enhances the processes you use to get products out faster, more predictable and more innovative.

Instead of changing the overall structure of development, Rapid Learning Cycles changes how developers and leaders think about the decisions they need to make, and the knowledge they need to make those decisions with confidence.  Some things may move earlier, and others may move later but we understand that a physical product has a defined path from idea to launch.

We don't force-fit ideas from other disciplines that don't fit. We don't ask you to rip up your organizations or your processes and start over, as if you could. We understand that you have to get better at innovation while you deliver on your commitments.