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Elements of Rapid Learning Cycles

Take Your First Steps with the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • Products are late to market or take too long to develop, leaving your marketing teams scrambling at launch time or missing market opportunities.
  • Products miss the mark with customers or get overtaken quickly by competitors, leading to disappointing sales.
  • Products cost too much to develop, make, or support so that they are not as profitable as they could be.
  • Competitors just seem to do a better job delivering new features and benefits.
  • Innovative ideas languish in early development because there isn't a clear pathway to execution.
  • Frustration when teams get bogged down in late development with the need to revisit decisions, accommodate late change requests, or address scalability / manufacturability issues that were not apparent earlier.

Why This Class Is Your Best Next Step to Accelerate Innovation

You may have tried a lot of things to make things better . . .

  • Experimented with Agile for hardware but experienced difficulties and found that it did not actually improve your ability to hit cost, time and budget targets.
  • Redesigned your innovation process but did not get the results you expected.
  • Built a dedicated innovation team but then found that they're struggling to execute their ideas.
  • Read The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product but want guidance to get the benefits outlined.
  • See the problems but not sure where to get started.

...our Elements class points the way towards a permanent solution.

The Elements of Rapid Learning Cycles Helps You
Accelerate Innovation.


Clear up any misconceptions about the framework and gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts.


Identify and conduct the right small-scale experiments to learn how this can work in your organization.


Know the direction to take and how to implement your next steps.



The Elements of
Rapid Learning Cycles

Learn Why Rapid Learning Cycles Accelerate Innovation

We'll explain why we get repeatable results from the Rapid Learning Cycles framework to accelerate innovation. We'll show how the framework eliminates the root causes of program delays at their source.

See How the Elements of the Framework Fit Together

We'll define the Core Hypothesis, Key Decisions, Knowledge Gaps, Activities and Deliverables in a precise way that helps teams internalize the framework faster so that they start seeing early results sooner.

Get Quick Wins by Finding Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps

Action Worksheets will guide you through a series of observations and experiments that can uncover hidden issues on your current programs, and help you eliminate those issues to make an immediate difference for your team.

Select, Structure and Build Support for Your First Pilot Program

We recommend that every organization begin using Rapid Learning Cycles on a pilot program. We'll explain why that's the best approach, and how to select, structure and build support for your own pilot program.

Can't I Just
Read the Book?

All the elements of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework are outlined in The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product. You may still be in exploration mode with these concepts and realize that you need more in-depth experience with the fundamental thinking behind RLCs in order to build momentum for a pilot.

You will gain valuable experience with examining a Core Hypothesis, identifying Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps and getting an overview of a pilot program.

The Elements of RLC will help Innovation and R & D team members experiment with the concepts of RLCs to generate quick wins and momentum for a “clean test” pilot of the framework.


Confident business woman standing wearing casual clothes, isolated on white background

What if I'm Not Sure
Where to Start?

You may have learned about key concepts such as the Core Hypothesis, Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps but had questions about how to incorporate them.

Perhaps you're concerned about how to integrate the Rapid Learning Cycles framework into your existing Phase Gates or current PDPs.

Or you may be attracted to the idea of the framework but not sure how well it works in practice.

The Elements class will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the core concepts, understand how to choose good experiments and identify next steps that will lead to successful implementation.



The Details

  1. The Class Includes:
  • Four one-hour live sessions to review your observations and experiences with the Action Worksheets, and allow ample time for questions and discussion.
  • Pre-recorded video covering key content that you can review multiple times on your own time to help you internalize the ideas.
  • Action Worksheets to help you experiment with the concepts and make observations so that you can determine whether or not to go further with Rapid Learning Cycles.
  • Private action planning session with your coach to help you determine your next steps.

Total Time Commitment:  2 hours of pre-recorded video with 4 one-hour live session over four weeks.

Date / Time Options: We run these classes on an alternating schedule between Regions on a four-week cadence excluding holiday weeks.  If these dates don't work for you, contact us to get on the list for the next one.

Region A: EMEA / Eastern Americas — Wednesdays

November 30, December 7, 14, 21

16:00 CET
3:00 pm GMT
10:00 am EST
9:00 am CST
8:00 am MST
7:00 am PST
8:30pm IST (India)

Region B: Western Americas / Asia Pacific — Wednesdays / Thursdays

Nov. 30/Dec. 1, Dec. 7/8, 14/15, 21/22

4:00 pm PST
5:00 pm MST
6:00 pm CST
11:00 am AEDT
1:00 pm NZDT

Elements of the Rapid Learning Cycles

$497 Each
  • Pre-recorded video that gives an overview of the key elements of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework
  • Templates and checklists for key preparation and follow-up tasks
  • Targeted Action Worksheets to reinforce the key concepts
  • Facilitated weekly discussion and review
  • Personalized instructor feedback
  • Private Action Planning Session

Talk to Katherine

Find Out if This is Right for You Now
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your next steps!

Your Rapid Learning Cycles Expert: Katherine Radeka

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from a Rapid Learning Cycles affiliate or directly from Katherine Radeka, the author of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster.

Katherine narrates these videos, giving personal insights and anecdotes to bring the material to life.

You'll gain a deep understanding of each of the critical elements of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, how they work together, and discover a new way of thinking about how to speed up product development.


Complete Agenda and Resources

Week 1:

  • Class Overview
  • Benefits of Rapid Learning Cycles
  • Why Rapid Learning Cycles Accelerate Innovation

Week 2:

  • The Elements of Rapid Learning Cycles
  • The Relationship Between Rapid Learning Cycles, Lean and Agile
  • When to Use Rapid Learning Cycles
  • The Core Hypothesis

Week 3:

  • Key Decisions
  • Knowledge Gaps
  • The Rapid Learning Cycles Event Structure

Week 4:

  • The Journey to High Velocity Innovation
  • Your First Pilot Program
  • How to Talk to Leaders About Rapid Learning Cycles
  • Your Next Steps



  • Action Worksheet: Reflections & Observations on Decision Making
  • Action Worksheet: Experiment with a Core Hypothesis
  • Action Worksheet: Experiment with Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps
  • Action Worksheet: Your Next Steps


  • Key Decision Report
  • Knowledge Gap Report


The Guarantee

We guarantee results.

We offer ongoing support to our Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Professionals by phone, email, and through online forums to make sure that you never slow down or get stuck as you use the Rapid Learning Cycles framework for the first time. If you run into any difficulties using the ideas we’ve taught in the workshops, please contact us right away to make an appointment. Chances are, we’ve seen your challenge before, and we can help you overcome it. And if you've given it an honest try, reached out for help and it's still not working, we'll refund your registration fee.