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How to Introduce Rapid Learning Cycles to Your Organization

Experiment with concepts from Rapid Learning Cycles books on your own projects totally risk free. Gain experience with the framework to build support for a pilot team.

Prove that Rapid Learning Cycles works within a single program or handful of programs — then leverage organic growth.

Provide training and support for your whole organization as they transition to faster, more efficient PDP.

Rapid Learning Cycles from Pilot to Full Adoption


Succeed with RLCs the first time to demonstrate the value in your environment.


Capitalize on interest and enthusiasm from your teams to grow organically.


Spread RLCs to new programs and integrate it into the Product Development Process (PDP).


Provide training and coaching for new team members and build skills for those who are familiar.

This is the most common pattern of adoption that we see in many different places and for companies of any size except the smallest (<10 developers).

A successful pilot leads to organic growth as team members share their experiences. Then R&D leadership wants to realize these benefits on more programs. Then teams need some time to get everyone trained and make changes to the PDP, if needed. Finally, people who are new to the organization post-adoption need access to training and coaching so that they become productive team members faster.

Full Scale Adoption by Company Size

Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Global Project Leaders have individual licenses to reuse our materials for the purpose of running teams with the framework, and that’s enough for a pilot team. What do you do when you’re ready to grow?

Startups, Small and Medium Businesses with <250 developers*

Send your teams of key personnel to the Rapid Learning Cycles Global Project Leader Certification Workshop. If your PDP is informal, that experience may be all you need. You’ll be able to get all the support you need from us and the RLC community.
We’ll grant a company license when you have enough people trained to have a sustainable RLC adoption.

If your divisional unit has its own PDP and does not have to coordinate with corporate standards, then we’ll treat your division as the independent group that it is, as we help you spread the word to your partner divisions.

Independent Divisions within Large Companies

Large Companies with Central R & D Policies and Standards

You’ll start by sending teams to our public workshops and running pilot programs under your team members’ individual licenses as you build support for adoption.

When you’re ready to scale up, we’re ready to help:

  • PDP Integration and Customizations
  • IT Tool and System Adaptations
  • Corporate Rates for Public Workshops, Events and Online Learning Experiences
  • SCORM-Compliant Online Practitioners Training
  • Train-the-Trainer for Program Managers Training
  • Global Corporate Licenses

We offer discounts, scholarships and special academic licenses for degree-granting institutions and not-for-profit organizations working in public health, economic development, sustainability and climate change prevention/mitigation.

NGOs and Academic Institutions

*A developer is anyone who is on the core team of a cross-functional product development program.
This group includes engineers, scientists, designers, program and functional managers as well as the people from Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and other functions that spend at least 50% of their time working on Product Development programs.