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Do You Know How to Make Your PDP Work Even Better?

Eliminate Friction Points & Optimize Your Process, With Low Resistance to Change

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Your First Step

  Towards Understanding What's Working Well, & Taking Action To Optimize Your Process


Your PDP will be analyzed by our experts in a deep dive to determine what's working for you, and where the Rapid Learning Cycles framework could better support your teams.


You'll work directly with a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Advisor to review the recommendations & make an action plan to adopt the ones that fit best with the nature of your work.



Once you know how to improve your process, you can take action yourself, or let us integrate the improvements for you.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You have an upcoming project that you want to be fully optimized for success.
  • You know your PDP has gaps and shortcomings but you aren't exactly sure where.
  • Your PDP will go through an audit, and you want your teams to make the best impression.
  • Your teams think their processes could be optimized, but are struggling to diagnose the problems.
  • Your physical product teams complain that using Agile isn't working for them, & they need alternative practices that demonstrate better results.

How Can Rapid Learning Cycles Help Improve Your Current PDP?

You may have tried optimizing the process yourself by:


Attempting to map out the process of product development and finding that the maps were too simplistic to take specific actions on, yet too complex to create a strategy that seamlessly integrates into your PDP.


Investing a significant amount of resources with a major consulting firm who told you they could solve all your problems, but couldn't deliver.


Seeking out ideas from within your teams, only to receive the same ideas you've already tried.

If these aren't working & you're still stuck,
we have your solution & we're here to help.

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Full PDP Assessment

Strengthen Your Teams

Your teams work better when they have the best tools available. You'll get a strategic review of your process to identify what's working well, and guidance to transform any unnecessary practices that slow projects down. What these are can vary from company to company — you'll use a proven framework that naturally fits with your projects.

Keep What's Working, Optimize Where You Want

We'll build on the parts of the process that have been successful and help you supercharge them, while identifying key improvements that will streamline your PDP for optimal efficiency.

Empower Your Groups

Our process of confidential interviews encourages your team to be transparent about their readiness to change. You may be surprised by how willing they are to try new things if the recommendations eliminate their pain points.

Eliminate Friction

You'll receive actionable guidance on the steps to take that will make the biggest improvements in your teams' performance — and the roadmap to clearly communicate this plan to gain broad acceptance of your PDP across your organization. You'll work with our team of experts to create a rollout plan around the guidance, with a solid strategy for implementation.

We do all of this in ways that reinforce your position as an effective product development leader who is always looking to strengthen your PDP across the enterprise.

The Founder & CEO of the Institute: Katherine Radeka

Katherine Radeka has deep experience getting physical product teams unstuck. In 2015, she began to see an increase in the misuse of Agile Software Development practices by hardware teams. She undertook a series of projects she came to call “Agile Rescue Missions” because of the urgency to take action to get teams unstuck.

Since then she’s led over a dozen of these projects for leading companies around the world, most of whom have transitioned rapidly to full adoption of Rapid Learning Cycles in early development. In late development, teams use a blend of traditional project management with a few tailored Agile practices to improve coordination, especially with firmware and software teams that use Agile Software methods.

In 2022, she documented her experiences in the book When Agile Gets Physical, co-written with her long-time collaboration partner, Kathy Iberle.


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Find Out if This is Right for You Now
Book a call with Katherine to discuss your next steps!