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Introducing Rapid Learning Cycles to Your Organization

Not every company or project can use the same project management method.

Should your project managers memorize the PMBOK and become PMPs? Should they study Scrum and become Certified Scrum Masters? 

One methodology does not suit all. What better alternatives are there? 

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Physical product innovation has inherently high uncertainties and high costs of change.

This is why you need to work with someone who understands the specific challenges of physical product development and can deliver the needed solutions to improve your firm’s performance. 


RLCI’s experience with product development across many industries, company sizes, product types, cultures, and regulatory environments allows us to introduce your teams to the best methods to drive innovation, reduce development cycle times, and minimize costs.

The RLC framework we promote can be tailored to augment your current methods or serve as a stand-alone methodology to deliver the results you seek.

Our training and consulting are designed to provide what you need for your specific situation, while maximizing ROI. 

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Typically, we begin a client relationship by training teams and a project leader in the RLC framework for a pilot project.

This is followed by an RLCI Consultant guiding you through the process using RLC methods.

As the teams gain experience and management sees the realized results, other teams and leaders are trained and the process continues.