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Our Team


Katherine Radeka

Chief Executive Officer

Katherine has helped product development teams around the world, with a special focus on envirotech, alternative energy and medical devices. She's the person to call when the world needed your solutions yesterday.

She is also the best person to call if you need to pull together an international team to support global adoption of Rapid Learning Cycles.

Whittier Consulting Group, Inc. was formed by Katherine Radeka in 2005 and continues to be the home for her consulting work.



Shivaun Black

Director of Finance

Shivaun is the go-to person for answering questions about payment methods, invoices and licensing policies.


Teri O'Hara

Manager of Education Services

Teri O'Hara manages a team responsible for delivering workshops and courses. She works directly with our team of Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Instructors to manage our calendar of classes and private trainings.

She is the go-to person for questions about group registrations, course materials and the Learning Management System we use to deliver course content.



Ben Jakel

Marketing Associate

Ben Jakel is responsible for our multi-channel marketing strategy, including our email newsletter, social media posts and other channels of communication.

He is the go-to person for questions about how we ensure that our community knows about upcoming workshops and events, or for problems with email newsletter subscriptions.




Company Mascot

Truffles is our company mascot. She comes to our team review meetings and helps with motivation, team spirit, easing stress and eating treats.