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Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You've tried Rapid Learning Cycles and seen promising results, but you think you can do even better.
  • Your physical product team has a project that's so important you want to do everything possible to ensure it succeeds.
  • You work in an industry with specific challenges, and need to adapt Rapid Learning Cycles so it works for your unique products.
  • You want to give a motivational boost to catapult your project managers and engineers into battle in a new market.
  • You've tried Rapid Learning Cycles, and now you want every team in your organization to use it in your standard PDP.


  Experimentation, Prototyping and
Decision Making With
Rapid Learning Cycles


Understand what knowledge you need to get, and
plan the work to get it
as fast as possible.


Build only the prototypes
you need to support good decisions about the
final product.


Make Better Decisions

Get results with the best decisions made by the
right people, with the
best available knowledge.

You want to use Rapid Learning Cycles as a framework to...


Get your products to market up to 50% faster and beat your competitors.


Deliver the right product at the right time, to capitalize on time critical windows of opportunity.


Build a custom library of transparent organizational knowledge to support innovation at speed.

...and if you're wondering how else you can stay ahead in New Product Development, we're here to help.

Can't I Do This On My Own?

Of course. That's part of how we designed the framework to unfold. It's a tool that's suited to what you're doing, without having to bring on a coach every time you need guidance.

But our team of experts is also here to help you maintain your new product innovation and R&D. You can get even more from RLC than the workshops, when it's most critical.

We understand that developing physical products is a constant process that technically never ends. Keeping your teams on track during the projects that matter the most is key to rolling out a new product smoothly. With a major consultation, you get the help when you need it, where it counts.

Where Do Our Teams Start?

Wherever the weakest and strongest links may be. If teams are deviating from best practices, we'll help refresh them. If you know your teams are in the right place and want to demonstrate to them why, we can do that too.

You may not feel that this is something you'd like right now, and that's okay. A free consultation call on where we can add value to your projects could be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions. We can make a plan and strategize so that when you are ready, we'll be there.

If you'd like to explore these methods on your own, you can order a copy of Katherine Radeka and Kathy Iberle's new book When Agile Gets Physical. Click the button below to learn more, and determine which stage you're at now.

Your Rapid Learning Cycles Expert: Katherine Radeka

Katherine Radeka has deep experience getting physical-product teams unstuck. In 2015, she began to see an increase in the misuse of Agile Software Development practices by hardware teams. She began a series of projects she came to call “Agile Rescue Missions” because of the urgency to take action to get teams unstuck.

Since then she’s led over a dozen of these projects for leading companies around the world, most of whom have transitioned rapidly to full adoption of Rapid Learning Cycles in early development. In late development, teams use a blend of traditional project management with a few tailored Agile practices to improve coordination, especially with firmware and software teams that use Agile Software methods.

In 2022, she documented her experiences in the book When Agile Gets Physical, co-written with her long-time collaboration partner, Kathy Iberle.


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