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Get Expert Help with a Full Adoption of Rapid Learning Cycles

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How do you know you're ready for full adoption of Rapid Learning Cycles?

  • Your project leaders that are using Rapid Learning Cycles with their teams are seeing promising results, and you want to experience those results across the enterprise.
  • Your leadership is so happy with how the Pilot teams are doing that they want all of their teams to realize the same benefits.
  • You work in an industry with specific challenges and need guidance adapting Rapid Learning Cycles to flow with your unique product portfolio.
  • You've seen initial successes with the framework and want to capitalize on the compounded opportunities of more teams using it — you just need assistance getting there.
  • You want to lower the risk of resistance to change when making Rapid Learning Cycles the systematized standard in your organization's PDP.
  • You want to instill more confidence when your project leaders lead the charge to break into a new market.

Spread the Benefits of RLCs to Every Corner of Your Organization


Remove the barriers to expansion of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework through strategic integration.


Ensure everyone has the same understanding of how the principles are applied.



Rapidly expand what your Pilot teams learned, so you can duplicate the results across groups.

You've used Rapid Learning Cycles as a framework to...


Get your products to market up to 50% faster and beat your competitors.


Deliver the right products at the right time, to capitalize on
time-critical windows of opportunity.


Build a custom library of transparent organizational knowledge to support innovation at speed.

...and if you're ready for the next step to get better results across New Product Development, we're ready.


Drive the Rapid Learning Cycles Benefits Through Your Organization

Remove the Obstacles to Rapid Development

Eliminate the aspects of your product development process that create unnecessary friction and require Key Decisions to be made too early.

Soften Your Teams'
Concerns About Change

Leverage internal successes to build the desire to do the right things that will lead to the changes you need to go fast.

Double Down on
What Works

Spread the Rapid Learning Cycles framework to more teams and build the internal processes needed to support it long term.

Rally the Troops to
Win in the Market

Connect Rapid Learning Cycles to your company's vision, mission, and strategy, to pull all of your teams onboard.

We do all of this in ways that reinforce your position as an effective product development leader who is responsive to the needs of your teams.


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Your Rapid Learning Cycles Expert: Katherine Radeka

Katherine Radeka has deep experience getting physical-product teams unstuck. In 2015, she began to see an increase in the misuse of Agile Software Development practices by hardware teams. She began a series of projects she came to call “Agile Rescue Missions” because of the urgency to take action to get teams unstuck.

Since then she’s led over a dozen of these projects for leading companies around the world, most of whom have transitioned rapidly to full adoption of Rapid Learning Cycles in early development. In late development, teams use a blend of traditional project management with a few tailored Agile practices to improve coordination, especially with firmware and software teams that use Agile Software methods.

In 2022, she documented her experiences in the book When Agile Gets Physical, co-written with her long-time collaboration partner, Kathy Iberle.