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Our Affiliates: Advisors

Katherine Radeka

Katherine has helped product development teams around the world, with a special focus on envirotech, alternative energy and medical devices. She's the person to call when the world needed your solutions yesterday.

She is also the best person to call if you need to pull together an international team to support global adoption of Rapid Learning Cycles.

Whittier Consulting Group, Inc. was formed by Katherine Radeka in 2005 and continues to be the home for her consulting work.

Kathy Iberle
Portland, Oregon


Katherine met Kathy Iberle in 2000, when they were both working for Hewlett Packard's Printer Group. They drove several major programs together before Katherine left HP in 2005 to start Whittier Consulting Group. They reconnected after Kathy left HP so that Katherine could leverage Kathy's Agile experience. Kathy supported one of the four major programs that led to the development of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, and said at the time, "If this works — it's a breakthrough!" Seven years later, hundreds of companies have experienced breakthrough acceleration of time-to-market.



Ingvar has over 20 years of experience improving his clients’ project and innovation management. He is especially interested in managing creative processes and the interactions between marketing and product development. 

He has a strong desire to help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future and circular economy.

Ingvar Hendriks
Zwolle, Overijssel, Netherlands

John Farnbach
Denver, Colorado, USA


John has deep experience as a product development consultant, with a special emphasis on the product architecture and portfolio management required to maintain flexibility as long as possible when developing products. John worked directly with Preston Smith, author of Developing Products in Half the Time and Flexible Product Development. Preston's work was influential in the development of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

John Farnbach

David Stokes was our second Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Affiliate. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, he has special interests in helping hardware start-ups "scale up" to deliver mature products and in supporting innovation teams. David was instrumental in developing our recommendations for how to use virtual visual planning tools to support the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

David Stokes
New Zealand

Fernanda Torre, Next Agents
Stockholm, Sweden


Fernanda learned about Rapid Learning Cycles at the Stockhom School of Economics'' House of Innovation, where she taught the method to her Executive MBA students in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship program. Her company Next Agents takes an integrated approach to design, business and innovation, delivering value that is relevant to humans and the planet, today and in the future.


Synergio's team of five Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Advisors are based in The Netherlands. They are experienced in integrating the Rapid Learning Cycles framework with SAFe®, an Agile methodology for large software teams. The team has expertise in systems engineering, and large-scale adoption of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

Edwin Schumacher & team — Vught, North Brabant, Netherlands

Syb Leijenaar
Joure, Friesland, Netherlands


Syb Leijenaar was our first Affiliate in Europe. He has the engineering depth to help technology teams maximize their use of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework to explore the knottiest technical challenges. His flexible and pragmatic use of Systems Engineering tools has strengthened our understanding of how to facilitate good results for teams with major technical hurdles to overcome.



Jason joins us after nearly four years at one of the earliest companies to fully adopt Rapid Learning Cycles in New Zealand. He had responsibility for managing a portfolio of programs using the framework, witnessing first-hand how it improved the quality of decision-making and accelerated time-to-market. Jason has a passion for helping businesses develop meaningful products and services, that have a lasting impact on their customers.

Jason Low
New Zealand