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Our Affiliate Program

Rapid Learning Cycles Affiliates Help Innovators Change the World — Faster!

Affiliates make it possible for more teams to enjoy the benefits of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, especially in areas far from Katherine's offices in the Pacific Northwest.

Each Affiliate has been personally vetted and trained by Katherine Radeka to ensure that they are fully qualified and prepared to support your teams. They are required to use the same materials and methods that Katherine has developed to help companies like yours.

These materials and methods have proven themselves to be effective for teaching and supporting the Rapid Learning Cycles framework from first pilot teams to full-scale adoption. We have a robust support structure to keep the affiliates knowledge up to date as the community continues to learn.

If you would like to discuss your needs with Katherine and ask for her help in making a referral, contact us to set an appointment.

Does Katherine accept her own consulting clients?

Katherine works with select international clients, especially those in her areas of primary focus: public health, alternative energy, climate change mitigation, or other areas of green technology. Outside of these focus areas, she supports large, global teams who need to understand how to scale Rapid Learning Cycles across the enterprise. Some of her time is reserved for pro bono work for NGOs working in her focus areas.

She is the best person to call if you think you will need help from an international team. Katherine pulls together virtual teams of affiliates and other trusted resources to best address the unique needs of complex innovation process transformations.

For these projects, Katherine provides insight, guidance and supervision while Affiliates provide the bulk of the training and support. Her direct involvement in these projects ensures consistency and repeatability.  These types of programs provide opportunities for Advisors-in-Development to gain the depth of experience required to become fully qualified advisors.

Katherine welcomes opportunities to engage through interviews, keynotes, and informal talks on Rapid Learning Cycles virtually or in person to any audience, and looks to expand the scope of her personal outreach in 2020.

The best way to reach out to Katherine is via our contact form.

Interested in becoming an Affiliate?

We are growing our affiliate network with the intention to provide broad international support for Rapid Learning Cycles. The most successful candidates will be those who already have deep experience in innovation / product development consulting or deep experience with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework within one company.

In all cases, the individual or firm must commit to adopting our methods and materials for supporting Rapid Learning Cycles programs. Reaching the top level of Advisor requires working directly with Katherine on at least one joint project.

If you are interested in exploring an affiliate relationship, contact us to share your thoughts.  Katherine will reply to you with next steps.