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A fully custom-tailored training to coach your engineers and project leaders on how to rapidly find out what they need to know to deliver better results

Teams Can't Accelerate Product Development
Without New Ways of Thinking

  • No one thinks their innovation or product development teams are fast enough.
  • Long slow loopbacks cause project delays, cost overruns and a loss of confidence.
  • The typical shortcuts, made by teams under pressure, make these loopbacks more prevalent and more damaging.
  • Loopbacks are not addressed and may even be exacerbated when teams try to become more "agile".
  • Teams have not fully adapted to the changing work environment which makes online collaboration a necessity.

In-house, Dynamic Training Built to Optimize Your Company's Product Development Process, Using The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework

When your product development, technology, or project management leads attend our training workshop, they're able to learn and test a proven framework in a robust, immersive experience. The Rapid Learning Cycles Institute will appoint a certified instructor to guide them through personalized teaching through a blend of interactive exercises, video modules, and resources that take your team from hesitant to confident.

Your teams will work with case studies and examples based directly on your industry and more relevant products. This allows the freedom to apply what they've learned immediately to your current projects. Your appointed Rapid Learning Cycles instructor puts the focus solely on your company and teams, giving you more control over the training, the opportunity to hold confidential discussions about the challenges they face, and close the gaps that separate training and execution.

Your Team Needs a Private Training Session if..

  • You have a lot of people to train in a short period of time to fully adopt a proven framework across your product development organization.
  • You work in an industry with specialized needs — regulated industries, complex products or disruptive business models. 
  • You want your teams to be free to share confidential information with the instructor, without worrying about who else is in the room.
  • You want to use the training to build your team of project leaders through an immersive experience.
  • You have a large group, and want to make the most of the funds you have available.

How A Private Training
Can Bring Your Teams Success


Why You Should Train Your Team With a Private Workshop

Personalized Direction For Your Current Projects

Your team's specific questions can be more openly addressed in an open discussion, without the instructors generalizing the advice for multiple participants from companies in varying industries.

Your Team's Experience Is Tailored For Them

Your project leaders and engineers are trained using industry specific case studies and examples. This makes the major concepts easier to understand and internalize in context to your current projects, so your team can apply them right away.

You'll Train Multiple Teams

When you know your organization is ready to spread Rapid Learning Cycles to every corner, you can train your project leaders to effectively accelerate the transition. Anyone who can't make the training will be able to take a public workshop at a time that's convenient.

Your Teams Will Be Ready

Your project team leaders will leave the training fully equipped to immediately use Rapid Learning Cycles on their current projects, whether they are kicking off new projects or working with projects in later stages of development.


"I had some doubts about sending all our Project Managers and whether they would learn how to use Rapid Learning Cycles better for their own projects. But I am sticking with the decision to send them all as it is another positive experience with Rapid Learning Cycles when they are applying it together with RLC enthusiasts from other companies and more attention to the thinking behind the framework. The best part of the class was the three baskets that help determine which elements of Rapid Learning Cycles drive success and therefore must be applied rigorously, and which ones can be left for the team to decide.

The class prepared us very well for explaining Rapid Learning Cycles to teams that will work with it and convincing stakeholders of the logic behind it. The workshop will give you the tools and insights that you need to judge and positively influence the quality of the plans of the teams that you guide. With that the learning on how to successfully apply Rapid Learning Cycles in your company will be accelerated."


Wouter van Essen, Sonion

Private Training Shows You How to
Give Your Teams the Next Level of Guidance.


Give your project leaders the confidence to share their new skills from Rapid Learning Cycles with their teams right away.


Build critical mass of competence with Rapid Learning Cycles to drive quick adoption across all of your projects.


Begin experiencing the benefits of Rapid Learning Cycles from the very first Key Decision.


Can't We Just Do This
On Our Own?

When teams try to learn new skills on their own, it's easy to get discouraged or even misinterpret key concepts. The result can be that teams get frustrated and abandon the methodology before it has a chance to produce the desired results.

That's why our clients choose workshops that take the guesswork out of implementing the framework.

When teams are guided through the training and support, they are able to master the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, see how to adapt it to their organizations’ specific environments, and start getting results faster.

They accelerate from Idea to Launch, and make a difference to their stakeholders faster than expected.

Confident business woman standing wearing casual clothes, isolated on white background

Can't We Just Do Agile?

Agile practices built for software developers rarely work the same ways for tangible products without heavy adaptation — we've seen many cases where problems are exacerbated because these practices accelerate development, but don't eliminate the root causes of the obstacles that the teams experience.

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework addresses the nature of physical product development cycles and prevents the root causes of these obstacles early on, so that innovative products flow smoothly from idea to launch.

After the workshop, teams use the framework to get their best ideas to market faster, increase capacity for innovation, gain more confidence in their teams’ ability to innovate and ultimately realize more organic growth.

Your Expert Consultant: Katherine Radeka

You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with Katherine Radeka, the author of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster.

You'll gain a deep understanding of each of the critical elements of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, how they work together, and discover a new way of thinking about how to speed up product development.


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