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Now Offering Private Global Project Leader Trainings

A fully custom-tailored training that fits your company's unique needs.

Go Beyond The Workshop Experience — A Program Built For Your Company From The Ground Up, Using The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework

Our public certification workshops and courses provide a robust, immersive experience. But if you'd like a more personalized teaching experience for your project leaders, consider setting up a private certification workshop.

Your teams will get a workshop experience that's based directly on their work. They will be able to apply what they've learned immediately to their current projects. This fully immersive program puts the focus solely on your company and teams, giving you more control over the training, the opportunity to hold confidential discussions about the challenges they face, and close the gaps that separate training and execution.

You Might Want A Private Training Session If..

  • You have a lot of people to train in a short period of time to fully adopt Rapid Learning Cycles across your product development organization.
  • You work in an industry with specialized needs; regulated industries, complex products or disruptive business models. 
  • You want your teams to be free to share confidential information with the instructor, without worrying about who else is in the room.
  • You want to use the training to build your team of project leaders through an immersive experience.
  • You have a large group, and want to make the most of the funds you have available.

How A Private Training
Can Bring Your Teams Success


What You'll Get That
Public Workshops Don't Have

Personalized Direction For Your Current Projects

In a private training we can address more of your team's specific questions in an open discussion, without the instructors generalizing the advice for multiple companies.

Your Team's Experience Is Tailored For Them

We will use industry specific case studies and examples to make the major concepts easier to understand, internalize and apply right away.

Train Everyone At
The Same Time

When you're ready to go all in on Rapid Learning Cycles, you can train your project leaders to accelerate the transition. Anyone who can't make the training will be able to take a public workshop at a time that's convenient.

Your Teams Will Be Ready

Your project team leaders will leave the training fully equipped to immediately use Rapid Learning Cycles on their current projects, whether they are kicking off new projects or working with projects in later stages of development.

Private Training Helps You
Get The Next Level Of Guidance.


Give your project leaders the confidence to share Rapid Learning Cycles with their teams right away.


Build critical mass of competence with Rapid Learning Cycles to drive adoption across all of your projects.


Begin experiencing the benefits of Rapid Learning Cycles from the very first Integration Event.


Your Expert Consultant: Katherine Radeka

You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with Katherine Radeka, the author of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster.

You'll gain a deep understanding of each of the critical elements of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, how they work together, and discover a new way of thinking about how to speed up product development.


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