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How can you ensure your teams' first-time success
with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework?


The best pilot projects for Rapid Learning Cycles are those where the framework can make a big difference — an opportunity too great to miss, a project too important to fail, or the first product program after a significant disappointment.

For these "must-win" projects, we offer support beyond training to provide project leaders and their sponsors with access to an experienced guide, who can ensure that the organization's first experience with Rapid Learning Cycles delivers visible results that demonstrate the value of Rapid Learning Cycles to the entire organization.

To provide our clients with the best opportunity to lower development cycle times as quickly as possible, we provide help directly through our team of highly qualified Consultants. 


Get Rapid Learning Cycles Results From Your Very First Pilot Project

Each of RLCI’s clients has a Consultant who is responsible for helping them achieve the best possible results from the RLC framework. The Consultant will be an experienced product development professional who has undergone extensive training in the RLC framework and has been involved in successfully applying RLCs to actual product development processes.

Your Consultant can assist with Pilot Project mentoring and helping with kickoff events for newer clients. For clients more experienced with using RLC methods, Consultants advise portfolio managers on running multiple projects, and provide training to senior management personnel on the best way to support teams using RLCs.


The level of Consulting support is dictated by the client’s needs. To resolve challenging issues that require specific industry, product, or regulatory expertise, support from other RLCI Consultants or our Chief Consultant can also be made available.