Katherine Radeka is the inventor of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework for innovation. She is provides expert consulting as an internationally-recognized product development consultant, and is the world’s leading authority on Rapid Learning Cycles.

Aside from supporting long-term clients, Katherine's time is now 100% focused on accelerating technologies the world needs the most: climate tech, sustainable products, health care and medical devices.

She's especially interested in new clients working in these areas, where she already has relevant experience:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Electrification of Transportation and Energy
  • Bio-Engineered Solutions to Eliminate Fossil Fuels

If you're working in another type of industry, schedule a conversation with Katherine so that she can refer you to a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Consultant in your area who will be a good fit.

Katherine personally supports the largest international clients, including Whirlpool (appliances), Philips (across product categories), Medtronics (medical devices), Novo Nordisk (pharmaceuticals), Bose (consumer electronics), Breville (kitchen appliances), Gallagher Group (security products), Zespri (kiwi fruit coop), Nestlé (food & beverage) and other global brands.

She also personally supports a hand-selected group of startups working in areas of particular interest to her, through virtual sessions working with founder teams, offered on a fixed-fee basis. Past mentees include hydrogen electrolyzers (Clyde Hydrogen, Glasgow, Scotland), agricultural technologies (Agersens of Melbourne, Australia now part of the Gallagher Group and Aigen, Seattle, Washington), and carbon capture (C6 Forest to Farm).

Whittier Consulting Group, Inc. has been the home for Katherine's private consulting, coaching and speaking since 2005.


How to Reach Katherine Directly:

Phone / Fax: (206) 274-6179

Katherine Radeka
Whittier Consulting Group, Inc.
PO Box 859
Camas, WA 98607

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