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Why Do You Need the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework?

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework helps you get your best ideas to market faster by focusing your team's learning around the most important decisions that drive the ultimate success of your product development program.

Increase the success rate for innovation by ensuring that early execution decisions lead to the results you need.


Improve cross-functional collaboration within your product development programs by bringing all the key stakeholders to the table when your most important decisions need to be made.



Accelerate speed-to-market by finding and removing the obstacles between you and your new product early.


Eliminate the execution problems in product development programs that cause expensive late design changes, warranty issues and customer dissatisfaction.



Ask the right questions to identify the programs to stop - and the ones to accelerate into full development.


Build your business partners' confidence in your product development programs' ability to deliver strategic growth.


If your product development program managers make decisions that have to stick to get your idea to market, agile is not enough and Lean Startup is just a start.

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework helps product development teams make better decisions about industrial design, materials, production methods, supply chain and distribution partnerships, regulatory strategy and sales channels that are critical to the success of the program, and not easily changed later.