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How to Get Started with RLCs


...and Achieve Successful Adoption of the RLC Framework in Your Organization From the Start

Small team

Startups and Other SMEs

You have one team with fewer than 25 people working on product development.

You're working on a single product, or a small family of closely-related products. That product may have been on the market for years, or you may still be working on pre-commercial technical demonstrations.

You do not have a formal Product Development Process or functional / matrix organization.

Our public workshops and RLC for Startups sponsored experiences will give you what you need to use RLC immediately on your own projects.

Typical Established NPD Groups

You have teams that are large enough to work on more than one PD project at a time, and you have at least one family of projects.

You may even already have a separate Advanced Research and/or Innovation Team that is exploring new technologies outside of product development programs.

You have a functional, matrix or squad structure.

Start using RLCs on your next new project. Our global consultants will train the team and provide coaching support for your project leader. After RLC has shown results, your consultant can work with you on the best path to full adoption.

Regulated and/or Complex Industries

You have large product development teams that are organized into subteams — and/or you work in a regulated industry.

Your teams may or may not be large, but they do use a lot of formal communications and deliverables to create the paper trail you need to file for regulatory filings and IP protection.

You may have an ISO-certified process that's important to your stakeholders to maintain.

Our global consultants will help you define a good pilot, ensure that it's successful and then help you find the best way to scale.

Is Every Project Late or Over Budget? Are Your Teams Stuck? Have You Received Poor Guidance on Agile?

Do You Need Better Results Right Now?


Get Rapid Learning Cycles Results From Your Very First Pilot Project

More than ten years of experience with the RLC framework has shown that we consistently deliver these results from the very first project, when the team is willing to go all-in on the framework without diluting it.


Faster Projects

Teams using Rapid Learning Cycles for the first time typically get their product to market 30% faster in markets without fixed launch dates. In seasonal or consumer products, teams avoid the costs of expedited rework that increases product cost.


Average Project ROI

Faster development means lower development costs, fewer full system/production prototype runs, and smoother relations with vendors that all lower total development costs. Product costs often go down too, as teams make better decisions that optimize their designs.

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