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Do You Need a PDP Assessment?


Benefits of a Full Product Development Process Assessment

When a PDP doesn't fit the projects in your organization, teams get frustrated. They know they could go faster if they didn't have obstacles in their way.

The PDP Assessment can uncover unnecessary barriers so that teams can make more progress and build a stronger senses of accomplishment that will motivate them to find more creative solutions to their technical challenges.

You won't need to replace your entire PDP. Just share with us which pieces are working for you, and we'll supercharge them to run even better.

Most of the time, the problems lie in how the PDP is being executed: the deliverables the teams produce, the project reviews they prepare, and their interactions with Supply Chain, Test, and Production groups. When we fix these, the entire process flows more smoothly.

Our process of confidential interviews encourages your team to be transparent about their readiness to change. You may be surprised by how willing they are to try new things if you can show how change will eliminate their pain points.

When things are going wrong, there's a tendency to blame "the culture" or believe that people aren't ready to try something new. We can suggest appropriate dialogues with your team members that restore confidence and develop the willingness to change.

We will give you actionable guidance on the steps to take that will make the biggest improvements in your team's performance — and how to clearly communicate this plan to gain broad acceptance of your PDP across your organization.

We look for quick wins you can "just go do" and areas of major opportunity. We also seek to help you understand where the process is flowing well, and how to protect those parts from turmoil as you improve the process around them.

RLCI will reinforce your position as an effective product development leader who seeks to strengthen your PDP across the organization.

RLCI's Approach to Optimizing Your PDP for Superior Performance


We will do a deep dive into your current PDP to determine which parts work for you, and where your teams need more support.


You'll work directly with a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Consultant to review our recommendations, and to adopt the ones that you choose.


Once we decide how to optimize your PDP, a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Consultant will provide ongoing support to integrate the improvements.

How Can Rapid Learning Cycles Help Improve Your PDP?

Rapid Learning Cycles Founder and CEO, Katherine Radeka, describes what is different during a Gate Review when a company implements Rapid Learning Cycles into their new product development process, and why your teams will think it's better.

How It Works

An RLCI Certified® Consultant will visit you in person to conduct a series of group and individual interviews, or set up a personalized web page where members of your team will book their own interview appointments via Zoom. This is to assess the health of your product development system.

Then we travel to your site for some final follow-up interviews. We've learned that it's important for this session to be in person, so we'll review documentation and conduct phone interviews in advance to make the most of time spent on site. This also allows us to cover additional geographies, as well as anyone not present in person during our visit.

On the afternoon of the final day, we will present Preliminary Recommendations and hold a debriefing session with the Product Development Leadership team. We'll follow that up with a Final Recommendations report.

Talk to an Experienced PDP Assessor

Learn more about how our assessment process identifies ways to immediately remove barriers to predictable results, as it gives you insights into your path towards high velocity innovation.

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