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About the Rapid Learning Cycles Institute


The Rapid Learning Cycles Institute (RLCI) is a global innovation and product generation consulting firm that is dedicated to accelerating the development of physical products so that our clients achieve higher ROI from their investments in Research & Development, and their teams have the satisfaction of getting their best ideas into the market faster.

We have worked on every continent, except Antarctica, and in multiple industries including:

Impactful & Economical Climate Tech

  • Renewable Energy & Batteries
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Carbon Capture & Storage

Breakthrough Health Care Products

  • Medical Devices & Equipment
  • Pharma
  • Biotech

Complex High Precision Equipment

  • Scientific Instruments
  • Construction Products
  • Machine Tools & Industrial Equipment

Iconic Consumer Products

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Office & Home Furniture
  • Small and Large Kitchen Appliances

The Most Important Change

Rob Heebink, Former R&D Executive of Gallagher Group, describes the most important change they experienced through incorporating Rapid Learning Cycles.

Our Commitments


We empower our clients to succeed in product development with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework the first time and then help them develop the internal systems, processes, and tools to replicate this success every time.


We guide project leaders through a smooth transition to Rapid Learning Cycles by providing real-time coaching and feedback when it's needed most, in ways that reinforce their standing with their teams as product development leaders.


We've never stopped working to make sure that the core RLC framework and supporting materials are the best they can be, and that they continue to evolve as the field of product development changes.


We encourage the growth of the RLC Framework through our Global Consultant Network, and through helping clients in the same area but noncompeting industries to connect with each other.

Repeatable Results

We continue to follow through with our clients to ensure they're receiving the results we promise, and so that we can ensure that we keep our promises to you.

"The Rapid Learning Cycle plans are fantastic, and the outcome of the process is that you build all this knowledge. We recently started a project that was a continuation, or an advancement of a previous project.

Straight away, they could review a lot of previous rationale of why we actually got to where we are at the moment, and were able to basically take it up and run with it without having to do a lot of rework or potentially covering old ground. We knew exactly why we had got to where we were and where to go next."


Kieran O'Mahoney

"Prior to Rapid Learning Cycles, we were delivering great products, but they were coming out too late and costing too much.

With the incorporation of Rapid Learning Cycles and a more structured approach around our learning, that means we could focus our efforts, focus on the important things and get those great products out the door, but do it on time, and to budget."


Justin White-Small

Justin White
Gallagher Group

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