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We get outstanding results for our clients.

We'll do the same for you.

We listen to you, we acknowledge your internal and external challenges, and we work with you to find the best way forward.

Katherine Radeka and her hand-picked, experienced global network of Certified® Consultants take a client-centered approach to improving product development performance.

We will meet you where you are, take time to understand what support will help you the most, and then work to empower your teams to replicate this success.

Impact of Rapid Learning Cycles on Time to Breakeven and Total Revenue, in the Consumer Product Category


Data for graphs on this page taken from client projects in one consumer category for a set of clients that have achieved full adoption with Rapid Learning Cycles.  Pre-RLC Adoption: Average of projects in the five years prior to RLC adoption.  Post RLC Adoption: Average of projects delivered using RLC including pilot projects. Unit sales, FOB cost and unit costs were normalized for the purpose of breakeven and ROI calculations. For more information on this study, contact us.

What Sets Us Apart?


We deeply understand the challenges of delivering physical products, from idea through conception, prototyping, sourcing, production, and post-sales support.


We've never encountered a Product Development Process (PDP) that is too complex to be managed, then streamlined. We understand why PDPs are needed, why they evolve in the way that they do, and how to make them work more effectively without ripping them completely apart. If you don't have a PDP, we can help you design one that works for you. If your process has lost efficiency, we can help you refresh it.


We ground our work in the principles that lie underneath Agile, Lean, Design for Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering, and the latest management fads that get recycled year-after-year. We apply these principles so that they fit your teams, your company, and your industry.


We know that every company and every team is unique, and that "best practices" don't apply everywhere in the same way. This is why Rapid Learning Cycles is a framework — not a process, system, or set of practices and tools. It's intended to be tailored to fit you from the beginning.

Results of RLC Adoption in a Consumer Products Company:


In the last three decades, Stage-Gate®, CAD, Design for Six Sigma, product portfolios, and platforms have all revolutionized product development performance.

Now, Rapid Learning Cycles is leading the next revolution to accelerate physical product development.

Let the RLC process get your best ideas to market faster!

The Confidence to Innovate

Trimax Mowers shares how using the Rapid Learning Cycles framework increased their confidence in their innovation programs.

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