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Rapid Learning Cycles for a Sustainable Future



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Countdown by TEDx Lacamas Lake

Are you in the Pacific Northwest? Or do you need an excuse to travel there? Katherine Radeka is organizing the Countdown by TEDx event on November 15th! Join us and 16 speakers for a peak into the journey of the work being done to accelerate the development of climate mitigation solutions and sustainability focused organizations we needed yesterday. Not in the Pacific Northwest? The presentations will be recorded and uploaded on a later date to view.

We Can Accelerate Net Zero!

In this short video, Rapid Learning Cycles Institute Founder and CEO, Katherine Radeka, presents why accelerating product development in every industry vertical as a whole is the fastest path to reach our commitments of 1.5C by 2050.

American Made Challenges
Sponsored By US Dept of Energy

We're proud to be a Connector for the American Made Challenges program sponsored by the US Department of Energy since 2022.

As a Connector, we work with innovation teams who are building solutions to renewable energy challenges in hydrogen, battery technology, solar, wind, geothermal, and so much more!

Learn more about our participation and connect with us through our American Made Challenges profile.

We Are All In

The Rapid Learning Cycles Institute is a proud signer of the America Is All In pledge to support our efforts to reduce US carbon emissions by 50% in 2030 (from 2005 levels) and become carbon neutral in 2050.

We have already taken steps to reduce our own carbon emissions with virtual offerings that reduce the amount of travel (especially air travel) required to participate in our events, and by making all of our materials available for electronic delivery to reduce shipping paper around the world.


"Accelerate Net Zero" is our initiative to use everything we've learned to accelerate the development of the technologies we need to address climate change: renewable energy, sustainable materials, transportation, food production, carbon capture and more.

We do this by helping innovators, companies, investors and public policymakers to make decisions at the right time, with the right people and the best available knowledge.

Katherine Radeka delivers presentations on how we can Accelerate Net Zero using principles from the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

Nicolas Zweibaum
Kairos Power

"We have observed that the conventional nuclear development cycle is long, slow, and capital intensive.

At Kairos Power, we are disrupting this cycle by adopting a rapid, iterative approach to accelerate design, test, and building. Our approach leverages multiple design-build-test cycles with non-nuclear and nuclear systems prior to the first commercial reactor.

Since 2019, Kairos has been working with Rapid Learning Cycles to reduce development risk associated with some of its most complex systems."

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