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Your First Internal Success with RLC



RLC Pilot Projects Build Confidence That Your Company CAN Achieve High Velocity Innovation

When the last product was disappointing, an RLC Pilot can re-energize the team so that they can deliver the must-win product your company needs to maintain or restore market leadership.

A great RLC pilot delivers significant impact on the business through better decision making, delivering outcomes the business cannot achieve with its typical approach to innovation and product development.

Pilot projects demonstrate the power of Rapid Learning Cycles in the context of your own organization, without changing the team structure, the PDP, or management expectations for the project.

Prove that teams in your group CAN deliver products on time, capture knowledge in real-time, run faster, cheaper experiments to save time, and make better decisions that lead to better products.

What Type of Project Are You Looking For?

Katherine Radeka shares why a project in early product development is the best target for a pilot project for RLC.

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"How to Choose the Right Pilot for Rapid Learning Cycles"

Support We Offer for RLC Pilot Projects
to Ensure They Work the First Time

Team Training Led by an Experienced RLC Facilitator

Your teams get trained by a person who is deeply knowledgeable about the framework and fully prepared to answer their questions and think through how RLC applies to their program.

Our RLC Certified Global Consultants know how to set up the environment for success, where they need to coach rigor from the beginning, and where teams have flexibility to adapt.

Teams also get access to a resource center with videos they can review as needed for refreshers.

RLC Project Kickoff Event Facilitation to Establish RLC

Your RLC Facilitator will guide your team through the process of establishing RLC, step-by-step. They know what needs to happen at each step, so that the team is ready for the next step.

The facilitator understands how to steer the team towards a realistic outcome that makes the most of the time and resources they've been given.

The team leaves the event with a Rapid Learning Cycles plan they can execute with confidence.

Coaching Through the Critical First Learning Cycles

What happens in the first Learning Cycles sets the stage for the results the team can achieve. Teams that follow the process closely here do well; teams that make up their own rules struggle. It's hard to adapt something that isn't yet fully understood.

Your RLC Facilitator will ensure that your teams establish good habits from the very start around how they work with Key Decisions and Knowledge Gaps, how they prepare for events, and how they conduct the events.

Talk with a Trained RLC Facilitator

Schedule a free, no-obligation discussion of the project(s) you're considering for an RLC pilot. We'll contact you in advance of the meeting to get any necessary NDAs in place.

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