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Rapid Learning Cycles Institute

The Rapid Learning Cycles Institute (RLCI) is an international management consulting firm that delivers high-velocity innovation capabilities to
physical product development teams to bring new products to market more quickly, and at a minimal cost.  


We Help Our Clients By


Instructing teams running mission-critical physical product development projects on how to use state-of-the-art Rapid Learning Cycles (RLC) methodology to supercharge their PDP, to minimize product development cycle time and development costs.


Providing on-going consulting services to our clients’ product developers and project leaders, so that they always have experts available to help their teams maximize efficiency and beat the competition to the market.


Certifying their staff in the application of RLC methodologies, so that they may continue to apply these methods to future projects and reap more savings.


Our team has helped clients ranging from startups to large multi-nationals accomplish these goals since 2005, and those clients have achieved an average ROI on our services of at least 400% on the first projects, with benefits compounding for years after our initial work together.

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