Get Your Best Ideas to Market Faster

with the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework

for Innovation

A Breakthrough Framework

for Innovation and Product Development

The Rapid Learning Cycles User Community tells us:

They have launched products months or even years faster than they were able to release them in the past.

They have lowered costs throughout a product's lifecycle from development to obsolescence.

They are able to make better decisions about concepts in early product development, failing fast on some to accelerate others.

They have gained all of this without a major culture change program, millions of dollars of consulting/training or massive investments in IT tools and infrastructure, by working with the way that engineers and scientists naturally think.

They have built libraries of reusable knowledge into sustainable competitive advantage—and they know how to use them to build  innovative solutions for their customers' most important needs.

What's different about the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework that makes it effective?

 Agile for Hardware

that delivers results

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework is a synthesis of Agile software practices that is tailored for physical products that must be produced at volume.

Developed and tested by real-world teams

 To empower Innovators to succeed.

We've been developing, testing and improving the Rapid Learning Cycles framework since 2010, in teams in diverse industries around the world.

Today, it's a complete framework that is proven to accelerate innovation, prevent launch delays and ensure that great ideas are well-executed.

Today, a growing community of innovators use

the Rapid Learning Cycles framework 

to get their best ideas to market faster.

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How Do Rapid Learning Cycles Work?

Most product development programs are one long, slow learning cycle.

Often, Product Development / Innovation management systems force marketing, engineering and other developers to make decisions early in product development before they have the knowledge they need to make those decisions with confidence. 

Then the team is forced to revisit those decisions later, when change is expensive and disruptive, after they gain the knowledge they needed to make a decision that would stick.

Teams define what they need to learn first in the Rapid Learning Cycles framework's Kick Off Event.

Teams take just a little time to understand the high-impact, high-unknown decisions they need to make — and what they need to learn to make those decisions with confidence at the right time.

Then learn those things in a series of Rapid Learning Cycles.

Then they leverage Agile project management methods to stay focused on the most important things they need to learn while moving fast and adapting to change as new information comes in.

So that they make the right decisions at the right time with high confidence.

When your product developers can do that most of the time, you'll eliminate many of the root causes of project delays, cost overruns, disappointing product sales and high warranty costs. Instead, you'll focus your time and resources on delivering more innovative solutions to your customer's problems.

You can get your best ideas to market faster.

What Others Say About the

Rapid Learning Cycles Framework

RLCI has shown how to pull together a combination of agile software management techniques within a phase gate development, with a process to follow, and made it easier to ask my organization to implement it. We have had two Kickoff events and the response has been very positive. The one thing I would change is having more people from my company attend.

Jason Anderson, Trimble Corporation

I had some doubts about sending all our Project Managers and whether they would learn how to use Rapid Learning Cycles better for their own projects. But I am sticking with the decision to send them all as it is another positive experience with Rapid Learning Cycles when they are applying it together with RLC enthusiasts from other companies and more attention to the thinking behind the framework. The best part of the class was the three baskets that help determine which elements of Rapid Learning Cycles drive success and therefore must be applied rigorously, and which ones can be left for the team to decide.

The class prepared us very well for explaining Rapid Learning Cycles to teams that will work with it and convincing stakeholders of the logic behind it.  The workshop will give you the tools and insights that you need to judge and positively influence the quality of the plans of the teams that you guide. With that the learning on how to successfully apply Rapid Learning Cycles in your company will be accelerated.

Wouter van Essen, Sonion

I was concerned that the R & D executives would not buy into this. But the simplicity and logic of the approach made this an easier sell. Almost everybody we sent to the training is involved in an RLC project or is about to be. I especially appreciated the ongoing support that has been available to my team after the workshop.

Vaas Conradie, Gallagher

My Latest Work:
High Velocity Innovation

My latest book includes stories from ten companies that used the Rapid Learning Cycles framework as a starting point for a complete transformation of their innovation process. Learn how to create pull for innovation and get a roadmap to accelerate innovation for your company.

The Rapid Learning Cycles Certification Workshop

The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework for the Enterprise

Our flagship two day workshop will help your program leaders succeed with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework from their first program.  For a small to medium company, this could be enough to transform product development into an innovation engine.  For a larger company, this workshop will help you establish a pilot program to learn before going bigger.

Other Ways to Learn More About the

Rapid Learning Cycles Framework

Rapid Learning Cycles Community Knowledge Briefs

Katherine posts a new Knowledge Brief about Rapid Learning Cycles approximately once per week at our Rapid Learning Cycles Community site.  Visit the site to read the last 90 days of postings, and sign up to receive them by email, or follow Katherine on LinkedIn.

We support companies with more than 250 product developers or an R & D budget greater than $125m via our Enterprise RLC program.  We offer private online and in-person training, train-the-trainer experiences, global license agreements and consulting support for integrating Rapid Learning Cycles into the Product Development Process.

About Katherine Radeka

Katherine Radeka is the founder and executive director of the Rapid Learning Cycles Institute, and supports a growing global community of Rapid Learning Cycles Certified™ Professionals who are actively using the framework to get their best ideas to market faster.

She has worked with companies on every continent except Antarctica, and in industries from aerospace to medical devices and pharmaceuticals to consumer electronics and alternative energy.

In 2015, Katherine published the 1st edition of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product.  In 2012, she published the Shingo Research Award winning book The Mastery of Innovation, based upon her research into Lean methods for product development.

Katherine has climbed seven of the tallest peaks in the Cascade Mountains and spent ten days alone on the Pacific Crest Trail until an encounter with a bear convinced her that she needed a change in strategic direction.

Katherine Radeka

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