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Rapid Learning Cycles Institute

We deliver high-velocity innovation capabilities for physical product development organizations through consulting, coaching and training.

Our proprietary framework, Rapid Learning Cycles, adapts Agile Hardware Development to help organizations become faster, more flexible, and more responsive.

Our clients bring new products to market in less time, with reduced risk, greater predictability, and minimal cost.

Featured Client Stories

Clients in New Zealand, The Netherlands, and the United States share their experiences with Rapid Learning Cycles.

Client Success

RLCI helped a major consumer products group quadruple their capacity to deliver new products to market — with the same resources.

Rapid Learning Cycles accelerated a medical device company’s growth curve, helping them take over the #1 position from their competitor through improved on-time delivery of new products.

We coached an innovation team as they developed a new line of business for their company, with stronger decision making around prioritization, product design, positioning, placement and price.

A global industrial tools group cut time-to-market by more than 50% by integrating Rapid Learning Cycles into their standard Product Development Process.

Impact of Rapid Learning Cycles on New Product Development (NPD) Results for a Consumer Product Category in Full Adoption


Our Clients Benefit Through:


Instructing teams running mission-critical physical product development projects on how to use state-of-the-art Rapid Learning Cycles methodology to supercharge their PDP, to minimize development costs and shrink time-to-market.


Providing on-going consulting services to our clients’ product developers and project leaders, so that they always have experts available to help their teams maximize efficiency and beat the competition to the market.


Certifying project leaders in the application of Rapid Learning Cycles methodology, so that they can confidently lead their teams and continue to apply these methods to future projects, realizing more savings.

Since 2012,clients ranging from startups to large multi-nationals and universities have achieved their goals generating an average ROI on our services of at least 400% on their first projects — with benefits compounding for years after our initial work together.

Wouter van Essen

"The most important thing we expected to get from Rapid Learning Cycles is that it offers a system, a framework for the Lean product development practices that we were already pursuing.

So now, instead of saying "you have to do LAMDA", "you have to do Test to Fail", "you have to do Set-Based Concurrent Engineering" — we could make it much more simple and say "you have to do Rapid Learning Cycles", because Rapid Learning Cycles is a natural home for all those practices."

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