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Founder & CEO Katherine Radeka

”When you can get your best ideas to market faster,
you and your team wins, your company wins, and your customers win.”

You Can Get Your Best Ideas To Market Faster.

This may be hard to believe if your products are always late, if costs or warranty claims are too high, or if your teams just don’t seem innovative enough. But I’ve helped companies around the world overcome these challenges to deliver products on a predictable cadence that helps to pull innovation from idea to launch without compromising quality or profitability.

This may also be hard to believe if you’re already successful at delivering innovation. You may even work for an iconic innovator like Apple or a celebrated design firm like IDEO. If you haven’t read my work, chances are you have opportunities to go even faster, and generate even more pull for innovation across your organization. I’ve helped some of the world’s most innovative companies remove their final obstacles so that they are even more unbeatable in the market.

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Katherine Radeka



Katherine is an internationally-recognized expert on innovation and product development who has helped hundreds of engineers and scientists to get their best ideas to market faster.

She is the author of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How to Get Your Best Ideas to Market Faster which is in its 3rd edition. 

Katherine's first book, The Mastery of Innovation, is a Shingo Research Award-winning book.

High Velocity Innovation, was published in Fall 2019 by Career Press.

Her most recent book, When Agile Gets Physical: How To Use Agile Principles to Accelerate Hardware Development, was published in Spring 2022.

She has accelerated innovation on every continent except Antarctica and in industries from aerospace to alternative energy. Katherine lives in Camas, Washington.

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