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Virtual Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager
Certification Workshop

Innovators Can't Accelerate Product Development Without New Ways of Thinking

  • No one thinks their innovation or product development teams are fast enough.
  • Long slow loopbacks cause project delays, cost overruns and a loss of confidence.
  • The typical shortcuts, made by teams under pressure, make these loopbacks more prevalent and more damaging.
  • Loopbacks are not addressed and may even be exacerbated when teams try to become more "agile".
  • Teams have not fully adapted to the changing work environment which makes online collaboration a necessity.


When You're Ready to Use the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework We Are Ready to Show You How Step-by-Step

You may have tried to...

  • Impose schedule and/or budget pressure to try to force creativity.
  • Isolate your innovation teams from the rest of the organization to “protect” them.
  • Encourage teams to “act more like a startup” by hacking away at the product until it works.
  • Apply software development methodologies to tangible products.

. . . we have a breakthrough framework for repeatable results.

The Virtual Rapid Learning Cycles
Program Manager Certification Workshop Helps You

Accelerate Your Program from Idea to Launch


Identify the high impact / high unknown decisions that trigger loopbacks when made too early and without sufficient knowledge.


Pull learning forward to build the knowledge needed to make good decisions, and delay decisions as long as possible to preserve flexibility.


Make decisions with the right people, at the right time with the best available knowledge, avoiding the churn of long, slow loopbacks — getting innovation to market faster.

Can't We Just Do This
On Our Own?

When teams try it on their own they can get discouraged or even misinterpret a key concept in the framework in such a way that the team gets frustrated and abandons the RLCf before it has a chance to start working for them.

We've created a workshop that will take the guesswork out of implementing the framework.

When teams get that training and support, they are able to master the RLCf faster, adapt it to their organizations’ specific environments faster, and start getting results faster.

They accelerate from Idea to Launch, and make a difference faster.

Confident business woman standing wearing casual clothes, isolated on white background

Can't We Just Do Agile?

Agile practices built for software developers rarely work for tangible products without heavy adaptation — and may in fact exacerbate the problems because these practices don't eliminate the root causes of the obstacles that the teams experience.

The Rapid Learning Cycles framework specifically addresses the root causes of these obstacles so that innovative products flow smoothly from idea to launch.

When teams use the framework they get their best ideas to market faster, increase capacity for innovation, gain more confidence in their teams’ ability to innovate and ultimately realize more organic growth.


I had some doubts about sending all our Project Managers and whether they would learn how to use Rapid Learning Cycles better for their own projects. But I am sticking with the decision to send them all as it is another positive experience with Rapid Learning Cycles when they are applying it together with RLC enthusiasts from other companies and more attention to the thinking behind the framework. The best part of the class was the three baskets that help determine which elements of Rapid Learning Cycles drive success and therefore must be applied rigorously, and which ones can be left for the team to decide.

The class prepared us very well for explaining Rapid Learning Cycles to teams that will work with it and convincing stakeholders of the logic behind it. The workshop will give you the tools and insights that you need to judge and positively influence the quality of the plans of the teams that you guide. With that the learning on how to successfully apply Rapid Learning Cycles in your company will be accelerated.


Wouter van Essen, Sonion


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The Details

This Class Includes:

  • Four half-days of live sessions to go deeply into the Rapid Learning Cycles framework from the perspective of the team's leadership.
  • Reusable training materials and the license you need to distribute them to your pilot program team so that you can introduce them to the Rapid Learning Cycles framework without reinventing the materials.
  • Pre-recorded video covering key content that you can review multiple times on your own time to help you get ready for your first real event, so that you can walk into that event well prepared to lead your team through the process.
  • Templates and checklists for key preparation and follow-up tasks.
  • Access to our video library of core content for Rapid Learning Cycles to help you prepare new team members for their first event.
  • One year membership to CardSmith, our recommended tool for Virtual Kickoff Events (in coordination with your company’s videoconferencing solution).

Total Time Commitment:  20 hours over one week

Format: Pre-recorded video + four 3-hour live web conferences

Date / Time Options: We run these classes on an alternating schedule between Regions. If these dates don't work for you, go ahead and schedule an interview — we'll work with you to find dates that will.

Region A:  EMEA / Eastern US
Week of November 16
Live sessions:

Tues - Fri:  14.00 to 17.00 CET
Tues - Fri:  8:00 to 11:00 am EST

Region B:  Western Americas / Asia-Pacific
Week of December 7
Live sessions:

Tues - Fri: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm NZDT
Mon - Thurs: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm PST


Facilitator Level Bundle

If you work in an industry that has additional complexity, like medical devices, pharma, aerospace, energy systems, transportation or biotech,  you may need the Facilitator license right away.

That level of licensing gives you three additional benefits that are important for teams like yours:

  • Specific instruction on how to adapt Rapid Learning Cycles for large, complex programs.
  • Additional support for you while you run your first pilot program, to help you tailor the process to fit your team's phase of work, and intersection with the larger development system.
  • The ability to modify the materials to match your industry's language  where that is important, and provide more relevant examples, with coaching on how to do that while maintaining the integrity of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

We'll discuss your needs during the interview to see if this is a good fit for you. In the meantime, you can learn more about our Advanced Certification Levels.

Group Discount

Register 4 to 7 participants at one time to receive $500 off each registration.

Contact us to request an invoice or if you would like to register 8 or more participants.

How to Register

This program is a substantial commitment of time, and so it's best suited for program leadership teams who already have a specific target in place for a pilot program.

If you are not quite there yet, then you may want to consider the Elements of Rapid Learning Cycles introductory class first. This class will give you the opportunity to explore the ideas and prepare to launch a pilot team.  This class has open enrollment with new live sessions starting every four weeks.

Admission to the Program Manager Certification workshop requires an interview with Katherine Radeka or a designated affiliate to determine your readiness for this program.

If an RLCI affiliate or Katherine has invited you to join the class, or your organization has a credit for this workshop, then you are pre-approved.  Contact us or your affiliate if you need the link to register.

If you are sure that you are ready for this, but don't have an invitation yet, your next step is to book a call with Katherine.

Virtual Program Manager Certification + Facilitator License Upgrade

  • Four live half-day sessions to go deep into the RLCf
  • Updated reusable training materials that you can share with your teams to introduce them to the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.
  • Private Action Planning Session for your group
  • Pre-recorded video of key content to review before your first real event
  • Templates and checklists for key preparation and follow-up tasks
  • Access to our video library of core content for Rapid Learning Cycles to help you prepare new team members for their first event
  • One-year membership to CardSmith
  • Editable training materials that can be tailored to your team
  • Six coaching sessions with a small, elite group of peers.
  • Techniques for coaching decision makers to make data-driven decisions
  • Methods for scaling Rapid Learning Cycles for large & complex teams
  • The Portfolio view of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework

Virtual Program Manager Certification Workshop

  • Four live half-day sessions to go deep into the RLCf
  • Updated reusable training materials that you can share with your teams to introduce them to the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.
  • Private Action Planning Session for your group
  • Pre-recorded video of key content to review before your first real event
  • Templates and checklists for key preparation and follow-up tasks
  • Access to our video library of core content for Rapid Learning Cycles to help you prepare new team members for their first event
  • One-year membership to CardSmith

Your Instructor: Katherine Radeka

You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with Katherine Radeka, the author of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster.

Katherine leads this workshop, often with one or more Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Coaches and Consultants to ensure that everyone receives real-time feedback and coaching.

After completing the workshop and a few other certification requirements, you will join the Rapid Learning Cycles® Professionals Community, a growing user group with special learning opportunities, regular update calls and resources to help you go deeper into the framework.


Complete Agenda and Resources

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: The Virtual Kickoff Event

Day One:

  • Module 3: The Program Manager Overview
  • Module 4: The Core Hypothesis

Day Two:

  • Module 5: Key Decisions
  • Module 6: Knowledge Gaps
  • Module 7: Prioritized Knowledge Gaps

Day Three:

  • Module 8: Cadence and Flow in the RLC Program
  • Module 9: The RLCf Event Structure
  • Module 10: The Learning Cycles Plan

Day Four:

  • Module 11: Steps to Wrap Up an Event
  • Module 12: Real Time Knowledge Capture
  • Module 13: Learning Cycle and Integration Events
  • Module 14: The Face to Face Kickoff Event


  • Module 15: The Transition to Late Development
  • Module 16: Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Private Action Planning Session with Katherine by Team
  • Certification Exam

Board Templates in CardSmith:

  • Core Hypothesis (2 layouts)
  • Key Decisions (3 layouts)
  • Knowledge Gaps (3 layouts)
  • Learning Cycles Plan (3 layouts)
  • Facilitator's Preparation Checklist and Process Flow
  • Facilitator's In-Event Checklist and Process Flow
  • Facilitator's Wrap-Up Checklist

Additional Materials:

  • Virtual Kickoff Event Preparation Workbook and Slides
  • Face-to-Face Kickoff Event Preparation Workbook and Slides
  • Program Manager Workbook with all materials for all modules not in the Kickoff Event workbooks.
  • Communications Templates for Team Members
  • Simple Virtual Rapid Learning Cycles Plan Template with procedure to populate with data from CardSmith.


The Guarantee

We guarantee results.

We offer ongoing support to our Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Professionals by phone, email, and through online forums to make sure that you never slow down or get stuck as you use the Rapid Learning Cycles framework for the first time. If you run into any difficulties using the ideas we’ve taught in the workshops, please contact us right away to make an appointment. Chances are, we’ve seen your challenge before, and we can help you overcome it. And if you've given it an honest try, reached out for help and it's still not working, we'll refund your registration fee.