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The Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification Workshop

How to get your company’s best ideas to market faster with the
Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

Note: Due to COVID-19, all public workshops for March, April and May have been postponed.

Once we are able to travel again, we will be visiting these cities first:

Seattle, WA (USA) - Minneapolis, MN (USA) - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Stockholm, Sweden

Auckland and other locations, New Zealand - York, UK

We were already experiencing increased demand for our workshops, so future sessions in other cities will be scheduled when we have enough on the waiting list for a class that's 50% full.

Waiting List members receive other benefits, such as the ability to schedule RLC Overview Presentations for your team, join online learning experiences and get pre-access to some of the workshop materials.

A Transformational Experience for
Product Development Leaders

Our participants tell us:


They get immediate value from the workshops, with many of them starting Rapid Learning Cycles within 30 days.


Within three months, they see better decision-making, stronger engagement with sponsors and more predictable schedules.


Within six months, they begin to see Rapid Learning Cycles spread from project to project as others want to realize the same great results.

Empower your PD leaders to succeed with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework
the first time.

The Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification Workshop will prepare you to lead your first team through the Kickoff Event to establish their Learning Cycles Plan, coach them through their first learning cycles, help them capture their knowledge real-time and lead their first Learning Cycle and Integration Events.

We built this Rapid Learning Cycles workshop to give you the skills and tools you need for immediate success.

  • Why the Learning Cycle is the Heartbeat of an Effective Product Development Team. Teams have so much uncertainty to manage in early development that they can easily get out of sync with each other and with their leaders. A regular “heartbeat'” of learning cycles gives your team a rhythm that coordinates its work, the way that a regular tempo keeps a jazz band in sync as band members improvise.
  • Why You Don’t Want to Try to Close Every Knowledge Gap You Have, Even If You Have Time. We teach you how to prioritize a big pile of Knowledge Gaps so that you maximize the value of the time you have to learn and recognize when you’re ready to decide. Teams can always learn more about their customers, markets or technologies but they need to know when it’s time to make decisions so that the program can move ahead.
  • How the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework Captures Your Most Valuable Knowledge in Real Time. Most product development teams capture their “lessons learned” at the end of a program — if ever — and their most valuable knowledge is trapped in product documentation or in engineers’ brains. In the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, learning cycles are not done until the knowledge has been captured, and we give you templates and best practices that make this a natural part of the process.
  • Why Learning Cycle and Integration Event Dates Don’t Move — And What the Consequences Will Be If You Try. Many product development organizations conduct management reviews only when the team is ready, but this slows down product development. We’ll show you how to help your team understand why the Learning Cycle and Integration Events don’t move and how to manage the temptations to delay these events.
  • How to Find the High Impact / High Unknown Decisions that Drive Late Design Changes. Most product development programs pass through their first gates on time, only to get further and further behind in later gates as the team gets entangled in loopbacks and late design changes. Your teams will be able to identify the big decisions that could trigger major loopbacks if they don’t work out, and figure out how to learn what you need to learn to make these decisions with confidence.

Join a Select Group!


We’ll accept only 24 people per workshop with a cap on the number from any one company in each workshop, to ensure that there’s lots of cross-fertilization across groups and that teams start building relationships with other Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Professionals.

This two-day workshop models a Kickoff Event for a moderately-sized team, going “behind the scenes” to explain why the framework elements accelerate product development and to demonstrate how to help teams complete each step successfully — so their teams at home will be set up for success with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework.

Two Days


In 2020, we’ll offer workshops in at least twelve different locations in six countries. We may add additional dates and locations if classes sell out too early in a region.  If you would like us to come to your area, and you have a business network you can leverage to find at least eight people in three companies, then we’ll find a way to get there.

Why Our Most Successful Organizations Now Require Rapid Learning Cycles Certification for Their Program Managers Instead of Agile or PMI Certifications

We have over six years of experience helping teams like yours succeed with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, even when the team starts out lacking the scientific, technical, customer or market knowledge they need to build their product.

Traditional project management tools work well in the execution phases of product development, when uncertainty is low but cost-of-change is high. Agile works great in software and other areas where the cost-of-change is low. But for products with high uncertainty and high cost-of-change, late-found defects and long, slow loopbacks cause schedule delays, cost overruns and disappointing performance because these methods don’t address the root causes that lead to these problems.

Early product development is a time when a team will make decisions that will be expensive to change later, yet the teams don’t have the knowledge or information they need to make those decisions at the right time, with the right people.

Rapid Learning Cycles helps teams identify those decisions that will have high impact on the program’s success, and focus their attention on making these decisions with more visibility and less uncertainty. When these high-impact, high-unknown decisions get made with greater visibility and by the right people, they won’t have to be revisited later — so that the execution phases take less time, with much less risk of costly rework and delays. They get their ideas to market faster.

We teach you the framework that hundreds of development teams use today to get their products to market faster in the most demanding areas of product development.

Send a Team to Begin Seeing Results Right Away

Companies that sent teams of at least three people to their first Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification Workshop were able to make a lot more progress faster.  They started their first pilot program sooner and launched more programs earlier.

 Teams can support each other as they learn to use the key elements of the framework to get their ideas to market faster:

  • Identifying the High Impact / High Unknown Decisions that drive product development success.
  • Learning how to learn faster with better prototypes, experimental models and customer insights research.
  • Capturing knowledge real-time with concise reports that focus your team’s attention on the most important information that’s coming in.
  • Making better decisions using your company’s best available knowledge to deliver products that maximize value for your customers — and for your business.

To support your team, we offer group discounts for people from one company who register at the same time,even if the group chooses to attend different workshops:

  • 15% discount for 4 or more people from the same company registered at the same time. You can register for multiple workshops and receive the group discount by registering these spaces across your selected workshops.
  • Personalized assistance with registration, and the option to pay via invoice for teams that register at least 30 days in advance.

To register a group, just add the number of places you need in each workshop to a single order on our web site. Then send us a list with names and email addresses – we’ll take care of the rest.

What Others Say About This Workshop


Jason Anderson, Trimble Corporation

RLCI has shown how to pull together a combination of agile software management techniques within a phase gate development, with a process to follow, and made it easier to ask my organization to implement it. We have had two Kickoff events and the response has been very positive. The one thing I would change is having more people from my company attend.


Wouter van Essen, Sonion

I had some doubts about sending all our Project Managers and whether they would learn how to use Rapid Learning Cycles better for their own projects. But I am sticking with the decision to send them all as it is another positive experience with Rapid Learning Cycles when they are applying it together with RLC enthusiasts from other companies and more attention to the thinking behind the framework. The best part of the class was the three baskets that help determine which elements of Rapid Learning Cycles drive success and therefore must be applied rigorously, and which ones can be left for the team to decide.

The class prepared us very well for explaining Rapid Learning Cycles to teams that will work with it and convincing stakeholders of the logic behind it. The workshop will give you the tools and insights that you need to judge and positively influence the quality of the plans of the teams that you guide. With that the learning on how to successfully apply Rapid Learning Cycles in your company will be accelerated.


Vaas Conradie, Gallagher

I was concerned that the R & D executives would not buy into this. But the simplicity and logic of the approach made this an easier sell. Almost everybody we sent to the training is involved in an RLC project or is about to be. I especially appreciated the ongoing support that has been available to my team after the workshop.

More Comments from Past Participants

David Berg, Greenheck Fan Corporation, Schofield, WI, USA

After attending the workshop four months ago, there is growing exciting over this process and its many opportunities, not only within my team but throughout my company. I’m looking forward to sending more people to the training so that we can build our user community.

Chris Hill, Navico, Auckland, New Zealand

I’m a busy person, but I’m glad I took the time for this workshop. I appreciated that it focuses on the importance of knowledge, it drives home the importance of cadence, and gives us the tools we need to get started with the Rapid Learning Cycles framework. The exercises brought the theory to life.

David Woodward, nLight Photonics, Vancouver, Washington, USA

The Rapid Learning Cycles Training solidified the concepts from The Shortest Distance by working through a case study and by expertly facilitated discussions with the other course participants. I feel confident that I now have the knowledge and tools to implement Rapid Learning Cycles in the real world

Nicolas Bayona-Carrillo, Constellium, Voreppe, France

I found that product development managers, developers and applied research scientists generally feel that RLCs are a ‘natural fit’ to their work, which is key to facilitate adoption of the method. I liked the exchange with people from diverse fields and companies; from start-ups to big corporations and universities.

I recommend this class because it allows exchange on product development approaches and practices with people outside my company, which is not easy to achieve in other venues such as conferences or exhibitions. It’s a good opportunity to make sure that all the key concepts and implementation practices are well-understood. The workshop material has been useful back in my office. I’ve consulted it several times before Rapid Learning Cycles events and the advice has helped me work with my teams.

Craig Adams, Tru-Test Corporation, Auckland, New Zealand

I was concerned that we would not get a return on the investment of time and money for sending our people to the workshop, but it helped us achieve alignment and momentum that we would not have achieved otherwise because we all had the same grounding in the material. We knew about the Rapid Learning Cycles framework and were attempting to use it, but we were getting variable results. We decided to use the training as a catalyst for change, sending a product manager, program manager and project leader from each of our three NPD groups to the sessions. As a result, we achieved alignment across the groups.

Each group was able to run its own trial application of RLC to a current project. This gave momentum to the change initiative which we would not have received otherwise. Not only did we have multiple trials underway, we had more confidence the trials were consistent because we all had the same grounding in the material, and the opportunity to practice the skills in a group built solid understanding of the method. We also found that sharing this learning experience with other companies was valuable and enjoyable.


Your Instructor: Katherine Radeka

You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with Katherine Radeka, the author of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster.

Katherine leads this workshop, often with one or more Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Coaches and Consultants to ensure that everyone receives real-time feedback and coaching.

After completing the workshop and a few other certification requirements, you will join the Rapid Learning Cycles® Professionals Community, a growing user group with special learning opportunities, regular update calls and resources to help you go deeper into the framework.


The Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager Certification Workshop

The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework

We’ll prepare you to introduce the Rapid Learning Cycles framework to your team and other stakeholders, and give you the inside information you need to succeed with the framework as a program leader.

Inside the Learning Cycle and Real-Time Knowledge Capture

We’ll describe how the learning cycles work within the framework to build knowledge the team needs to make its most important decisions and that future teams can reuse and extend to accelerate their development.

The Kickoff Event and the Learning Cycles Plan

The workshop models a Kickoff Event for a moderately-sized team:

  • The Core Hypothesis
  • Key Decisions
  • Knowledge Gaps
  • The Team’s Event Structure
  • The Learning Cycles Plan

Learning Cycle and Integration Events — and Troubleshooting

We’ll give tips for how to prepare and facilitate your team’s Learning Cycle and Integration Events. Then we’ll share our best practices for how to recognize when a Rapid Learning Cycles program has run into trouble, and how to get it back on track quickly.

The Details

Rapid Learning Cycles Program Manager
Certification Workshop Registration Includes:
Two Day Workshop  ✔︎
Kickoff Event Slides with License to Reuse  ✔︎
Event Planners, Templates and Examples  ✔︎
Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Professionals Community  ✔︎
Update Calls and Professional Posts  ✔︎
Registration Fees
Registration Fee for Single Person: $ 2345.00
Registration Fee for Groups of 4 or more: 15% discount $ 1993.25
Additional discounts available for groups of 8 or more.
Contact us to get more information.

Complete Agenda


Day One

  • The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework: What and Why
  • The Rapid Learning Cycles Kickoff Event
  • The Core Hypothesis that Captures Your Vision
  • The Right Key Decisions to Build Your Best Product
  • A Complete Set of Well-Defined Knowledge Gaps
  • How to Prioritize Knowledge Gaps to Maximize the Team’s Learning


Day Two

  • Cadence and Flow in Rapid Learning Cycles Programs to Establish Your Regular Heartbeat
  • How to Build the Learning Cycle Plan in Seven Steps
  • Learning Cycles that Build Extensible Knowledge
  • Knowledge Capture at the End of a Learning Cycle to Avoid Knowledge Loss and Accelerate Learning
  • How to Run Learning Cycle and Integration Events to Maximize the Value of the Team’s Time Together
  • Troubleshooting Rapid Learning Cycles Programs to Get Back On Track Fast if Something Goes Wrong


The Guarantee

We guarantee results.

We offer ongoing support to our Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Professionals by phone, email, and through online forums to make sure that you never slow down or get stuck as you use the Rapid Learning Cycles framework for the first time. If you run into any difficulties using the ideas we’ve taught in the workshops, please contact us right away to make an appointment. Chances are, we’ve seen your challenge before, and we can help you overcome it.

Terms and Conditions of Registrations and Purchases