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The Core Benefits of Advanced Certification:
Accelerated Adoption of Rapid Learning Cycles


Get more predictable product releases with fewer delays, cost overruns or disappointing results.


Increase ROI from core technology development with wider adoption of real-time knowledge capture.


Gain more accountability and focus for teams in the "fuzzy front end" of NPD with better steering from leaders.


Standardize on a proven approach to early development that has been tailored to fit your industry and company culture.


Establish a framework for making your most important decisions at the right time, with the right people and the best available knowledge.

Who Needs Advanced Certification and How Do You Get It?


Certification Levels



  • Our Global Project Leader certification is for project leaders running small to medium sized teams, or for larger organizations running their first pilots.
  • Certified Global Project Leaders receive a kit of standardized materials they can use to run their own teams using our standard materials.
  • A license to use the materials is granted to individuals who have completed the certification requirements.


  • Our Mentor level certification is for senior project leaders assisting others by delivering standard RLC training and facilitating Kickoff Events.
  • Certified Mentors receive an editable kit of standardized materials which they can use to deliver basic training and facilitation support.
  • A license to edit and use the materials is granted to individuals who have completed the certification requirements.


  • Our Coach level certification is for internal Rapid Learning Cycles trainers and coaches working to support a full adoption of RLCs in a larger organization.
  • Certified Coaches have the ability to customize materials for organization-wide distribution.
  • A company license to edit and use the materials is granted to the organization after the trainers have completed the certification requirements.

The Three Core Curriculum Classes You'll Need
for Advanced Certification

Live Sessions for the next series will begin mid-January and run through the first week of March, 2023.
For exact dates and times, download the appropriate calendar below:

A deep dive into Knowledge Gaps: how to find, focus and close them so that they drive good, data-driven decisions.

  • Make more efficient use of technical resources.
  • Ensure all the knowledge gets captured and shared.
  • Provide decision makers with better knowledge to drive better decisions.

A deep dive into Key Decisions:  the decisions that must be made at the right time, with the right people and the best available knowledge.

  • Make better Key Decisions that don't get revisted later.
  • Eliminate long, slow loopbacks at their source.
  • Feel more confident that product teams are making good decisions.

A deep dive into WHY the Rapid Learning Cycles framework delivers results and how to integrate it without breaking it.

  • Standardize on a tailored RLC framework that fits.
  • Make changes and test them with confidence.
  • Incorporate RLCs into your standard PDP to maximize team effectiveness.

Past Advanced Certification Participants Say . . .

(1/3) "I have used Rapid Learning Training since 2017 and felt very comfortable with the knowledge and how to apply it. Through Advanced Certification  classes, I have found deeper understanding of the principles behind the framework and how it could be tailored to fit my organization to use my
teams more efficiently."

Konstantin Derman
Engineering System Manager Group Leader II
Werfen North America

(2/3) "Through the years, I gained quite some experience driving the quality of project teams. But with the Advanced Certification Classes, I got even more insight into the advice I often give. This will help me coach better"

Ingvar Hendriks
Freelance Project Manager
HIM | Hendriks Interim Management

(3/3) "It was difficult for me to make time for Advanced Certification classes, but I'm very glad I did. Understanding why RLC is set up the way it is and exchanging experience with other participants gave me valuable insights that will help to improve our use of the framework to maximize its benefits."
Michal Witkowicz
Continuous Improvement Lead

The Final Step:
Rapid Learning Cycles Project Evaluation

Learn Where You Can Level Up Your Skills

When you're ready to finalize your certification, you will submit a Rapid Learning Cycles Project Evaluation based upon a project you've run using Rapid Learning Cycles.

  • Submit an NDA for our signature (or sign our Mutual NDA).
  • Complete the RLC Project Evaluation online.
  • Receive detailed feedback about how you can improve your use of the framework.
  • Receive the editable kits that you can begin to tailor to meet the needs of your organization.

We do this instead of a certification exam because it is the best way for us to determine whether or not you're ready to help others, and the best way for you to continue learning at this point in your development as a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Mentor.

Do You Already Know that You Need This?

The Mentor Certification Package Is Right for You.

Your individual license as a Global Project Leader allows you to implement the framework with your own project teams using our standard materials.

If you already know that you need to be able to to support other project leaders or tailor the Rapid Learning Cycles framework, we can accelerate your path to certification.

  • Register for all of the next Advanced Certification courses in your region.
  • Receive early access to editable materials that you can use, with rights conditional upon your completion of all certification requirements.
  • Complete the Rapid Learning Cycles Project Evaluation immediately upon completion of the courses.

The Mentor Certification Package includes all of the courses and the RLC Project Evaluation you need to be fully certified, with guaranteed registrations in Advanced Certification classes over the next year.

What Certification Level Do You Need?

Certification Level Global Project Leader Mentor Coach
Place on the Path to High Velocity Innovation
Build Internal Success with a Pilot
Remove Barriers to Scale Up  
Accelerate into Full Adoption   Small Orgs Med - Lg Orgs
Prepared to Coach & Train
Small & Medium RLCf Teams Lead Guide GPLs Train GPLs
Large / Complex RLCf Teams   Lead Coach & Train
Teams of Global Project Leaders   Guide 1:1 Lead Trainings
Licensed Use
Reusable Materials distributable to the GPL's own program team.
Editable Materials with distribution to teams being coached.  
Customized Materials with
org-wide distribution
Certification Requirements
Global Project Leader Certification Workshop and Exam
Experience with the RLCf on at least one program team for six months, which can run concurrently with advanced training.  
Certification Interview.  
Course: Close Knowledge Gaps Rapidly, Effectively and Completely  
Course: Drive Key Decisions That Stick  
Course: Integrate Rapid Learning Cycles Into Your PDP  
RLC Project Evaluation: Review the use of Rapid Learning Cycles on a recent program.  
Review of Internal RLC Training Materials.    
Experience: Train-the-Trainer Experience.    
Signed Company License Agreement.    

Class Options

Next Course Only:
Key Decisions

  • Permanent access to all course videos for unlimited playback
  • Four live group coaching and discussion sessions
  • Exclusive detailed checklist for reviewing a
    Key Decision Report
  • Advanced templates for Key Decision Reports that capture outcomes

Certification Package

  • Course package discount vs. purchasing certification components individually
  • Includes all course benefits, plus:
  • Immediate access to RLC Project Evaluation
  • Accelerated access to materials that can be adapted, upon completion of the RLC Project Evaluation.
  • Guaranteed registration in all courses in this series

Enterprise-Wide Certification Package

Upon Request
  • Includes all Certification Package benefits, plus:
  • Company-wide license with editable RLC Materials
  • Examples taken from the challenges faced by your own company
  • Customized case study taken from your industry

Your Co-Instructors:

Picture of Katherine Radeka

Katherine Radeka
CEO and Founder
Rapid Learning Cycles Institute

In this course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from Katherine Radeka.

Katherine has helped product development teams around the world, with a special focus on climate tech, renewable energy and medical devices. She's the person to call when the world needed your solutions yesterday.

She is also the best person to call if you need to pull together an international team to support global adoption of Rapid Learning Cycles.

Katherine is the author of The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product: How Innovators Use Rapid Learning Cycles to Get Their Best Ideas to Market Faster, High Velocity Innovation: How to Get Your Best Ideas to Market Faster, and co-author with longtime collaborator Kathy Iberle of When Agile Gets Physical: How to Use Agile Principles to Accelerate Hardware Development.

Katherine has climbed seven of the tallest peaks in the Cascade Mountains and spent ten days alone on the Pacific Crest Trail until an encounter with a bear convinced her that she needed a change in strategic direction.

Picture of Kathy Iberle

Kathy Iberle
Iberle Consulting, Inc.

Kathy Iberle was the first person certified as a Rapid Learning Cycles Certified® Advisor, and has been an affiliate with Rapid Learning Cycles Institute
from the beginning.

Kathy has a strong interest in effective problem-solving methods that drive data-driven decision making, and she played a key role in developing these aspects of the Rapid Learning Cycles framework. She is the co-author of When Agile Gets Physical: How to Use Agile Principles to Accelerate Hardware Development.

Kathy’s background is in mixed hardware/software engineering with a focus on quality engineering. She has worked with a wide range of products – everything from printers to early web applications to cardiology and scientific instruments. In the course of her adventures in the high-tech world, she’s developed or improved many types of development processes for teams both large and small.

Kathy lives in Vancouver, Washington where she runs her own consulting business and enjoys hiking, camping, and snowshoeing in her spare time.


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