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Our entry level certification for project leaders running small to medium sized teams.


Certification for those who need to run events for larger, more complex teams, those who have begun to expand RLCs across multiple teams, and those who have started to share the RLC framework with others.


Our top certification for training other project leaders when an organization has fully adopted Rapid Learning Cycles and integrated it into their development system.

Rapid Learning Cycles from Pilot to Full Adoption

Explore the

Conduct small-scale experiments to validate the framework internally and build support for a pilot team.

Demonstrate Internal Success

Prove that the RLCf works within a single program or handful of programs — then leverage organic growth.

Eliminate the

Eliminate the barriers to speed encountered by the pilot teams, and spread the framework to more teams opportunistically.


Provide training and support for the whole organization as they transition to High Velocity Innovation.


Benefits of Advanced Certification


Advanced coaching skills to optimize the RLC framework for more reusable knowledge and better decisions.


Practices to build alignment, focus and readiness to learn for large, complex teams to minimize overhead.


Deeper understanding of how the RLCf works so that you can develop adaptations that leverage its power into new areas.


Train-the-trainer to build confidence in your project leaders' ability to use the RLCf effectively.


Expanded license rights for reusable materials to allow for adaptation and customization.

Core Curriculum for Advanced Certification

A deep dive into Knowledge Gaps: how to find them, focus them, and develop the right learning activities to close them rapidly, effectively and completely so that they drive good, data-driven decisions.

A deep dive into Key Decisions: how to identify Key Decisions and Last Responsible Moments, focus the questions, prepare decision makers and stakeholders to make confident decisions and manage risks during execution.

A deep dive into the principles behind the Rapid Learning Cycles framework and WHY it works, with examples of adaptations for regulated industries, very large teams, R&D groups with portfolios of research projects and early stage startups.

What Certification Level Do You Need?

Certification Level Project Leader Mentor Coach
Place on the Path to High Velocity Innovation
Explore the Concepts (Elements Class)    
Build Internal Success with a Pilot
Remove Barriers to Scale Up  
Accelerate into Full Adoption   Small Orgs Med - Lg Orgs
Prepared to Coach & Train
Small & Medium RLCf Teams Lead Guide PLs Train PLs
Large / Complex RLCf Teams   Lead Coach & Train
Teams of Project Leaders   Guide 1:1 Lead Trainings
Licensed Use
Reusable Materials distributable to the PL's own program team.
Editable Materials with distribution to teams being coached.  
Customized Materials with
org-wide distribution
Certification Requirements
Course and Assessment: Global Project Leader Certification Workshop and Exam
Demonstrated experience with the RLCf on at least one program team for six months, which can run concurrently with advanced training.  
Certification Interview.  
Course: Close Knowledge Gaps Rapidly, Effectively and Completely  
Course: Drive Key Decisions  
Course: Adapt Rapid Learning Cycles  
Assessment: Observation of a Kickoff Event facilitated by the candidate.  
Assessment: Review of Internal RLC Training Materials.    
Experience: Train-the-Trainer Experience.    
Signed Company License Agreement.    

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